Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reheated Recap: High Exposure (Numb3rs 501)

Why am I doing this? In the wake of "Arrow of Time," I think the awesomeness of this eppesode is going to be lost and that makes me sad. Thus, I feel the need to record some of my thoughts after watching it for the 10th time the rerun last night.

1) Edgerton is still the epitome of all things enigmatic and cool.

2) Nikki is not immune to the above point.

3) I've viewed the Robin & Amita scene (not Robin/Amita because that would be fanfic and a big DO NOT WANT from me, as I love me my Don/Robin) and find it more and more painfully awkward each time. Despite this, I still stand by my decision to award the NPAL™ to Amita's line about Charlie being unable to stop working. Seriously, admitting you're getting none when in a stable relationship is way worse than Robin implying she's getting it all the time.

4) Despite the awkwardness of the scene, I liked the two women attempting to bond but not really knowing how to do it. These are two alpha women. Not going with the stereotype of arguing or being in peril to bond, makes me happy.

5) Pete has to be the worst rock climber ever when he injures himself after jumping out of a tree. Seriously, I did that all the time when I was little - from much higher up - and never injured a damn thing. You'd think rock climbers would know how to land correctly, particularly when they choose the moment they jump.

6) I empathize with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as they watch Pete figure out Skeet is a girl. There's a wistfulness there which makes me wonder if these two will ever find someone outside of fanfic. It still amazes me that the loyal, stable and all-around perfect catch, David, hasn't been snapped up yet. He personifies the concept of marriage material! Someone give my BFFedcake some love!

7) Larry playing Charlie like a fiddle is still humourous. I'm not entirely confident Charlie ever knew he was being played.

8) I still believe the aftermath of Charlie helping on this case was unfair. Come on! Don was in danger and Edgerton was the one to ask for the help! How is this, in any morality, wrong?

9) Eppesodes like this one make me long for more Edgerton or a shout out, world peace and a pony.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who I am and why I'm here

Hello, I'm Theoriginalspy (Spy for short). If you've read my recaps, welcome back! If you have no idea, to quote the great philosopher Mick Jagger, please allow me to introduce myself.

Previously, I've worked for two separate, yet equally important sites, the now defunct Fandom Talk, where I recapped Numb3rs and House, and Recapist, where I recapped Numb3rs, Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval. All right, I also recapped the very short-lived Drive (Nathan Fillion, enough said) and the even shorter-lived Viva Laughlin (Hugh Jackman, can you blame me?) for as long as they lasted.

Earlier this month, all of the recappers from Recapist were let go. Our parent company, Buzznet, decided that they only wanted free content. Thus, they are now getting what they pay for.

For the time being, I'm striking out on my own, but I'm not completely alone! I can be found at this blog or through the awesomely spectacular midseasonsreplacements, who have agreed to let me play with some of their bandwidth. It's a very nice sandbox in which to play, so I'm happy to be on board.

Schedule Changes

There will be a few changes from the Recapist days. While working for that site (henceforth to be known as TSTSNBN -- The Site That Shall Not Be Named), I had only 48 hours to get the recap up. By the time I deducted sleeping, eating, proving to the rest of the world I wasn't kidnapped by ninjas, monkeys, or both, my RL job, and other day-to-day activities, that actually equalled only about 4-8 hours, instead of the full 48. From now on, I will give myself the full 48 hours. This means that, like in the old Fandom Talk days, the recaps will be up prior to the next episode (or eppesode, in the case of Numb3rs) airing.

This will give me enough time to pay extra-special attention to my favourite prop (the lime-green fluted well-lit bowl on Numb3rs), my fictional Welsh boyfriend (Ianto's MINE damnit!), my adorkable Doctor (Tennant, don't leave me!) and hide from the scary, scary dinosaurs. Or it will give me time to do randomly strange things never-before seen in a recap. (Don't ask.)

What's New?

An Instacap will be posted after each episode / eppesode airs. I cannot guarantee their content, as it will be my initial reactions to everything, without editing. commenting will be disabled on the Instacaps as I don't want anyone to think I'm borrowing their ideas. In the past, I myself have been plagiarized, so I don't wish anyone to go through the same issue.

The Percolated Recap will be what people have come to expect from a full, well thought out recap.

Extra Froth is simply that. Whenever something tickles my fancy show-wise, I will write it up. Whatever the Extra Froth posts may contain, they're all in good fun.

Why these names? There were inspired by another great love of mine - coffee. Speaking of coffee, would anyone like to buy me one? I need caffeine for snarking. (Points to button on the side.)