Thursday, September 24, 2009

Extra Froth: Fall Has Fallen (but hopefully not the ratings!)

On the day before the Numb3rs season premiere, I think it might be appropriate to announce a couple of changes here at I, Spy. First of all, I'd like to state the obvious:

  • The sky is blue
  • I still don't have world peace, or a pony
  • I will still be covering Numb3rs
  • I reject Torchwood's reality and replace it with my own
  • I will never believe that the new Doctor doesn't carry a fake ID.
Now for some iffier items:

  • I may have to divorce myself from Dollhouse. Really, Alan Tudyk is so awesome, I think he ruined it for me.
  • I will eventually get caught up on Torchwood -- when I can talk about it, without crying, or railing against RTD. The same with Primeval, but I will never, ever stop making jokes about being up a tree.
  • Instacaps will not be done for every eppesode (or episode) this year. They will only be done if I have something to say. I am known to be somewhat verbose.
  • I am on the search for some new things to cover. I am taking suggestions in the comments.
Finally, this time of year means it's time to celebrate. Celebrate what? Well, it's time to celebrate my birthday everyone's BFFedcake, David Sinclair!

Yes, it's about time for my birthday Be Kind To David Day!

Wondering exactly why we need a day to celebrate my birthday Rosencrantz? Well, let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. Since my beloved show seems to believe that, when it comes to Davie, injuring / traumatizing / putting in peril, is standard operating procedure, I thought he needed a little love. Not like that, but really, it would be nice if my BFFedcake found someone lovely.

Thus, I picked my birthday to celebrate all things David Sinclair! Drink some coffee! Read some comics, and, just as my BFFedcake is awesome, we should be awesome! In fact, since it is Be Kind To David Day, be kind to someone else! (Please note: you do not have to be kind only to people named David. That would be awkward, particularly if you are married to someone named Jim, or Molly, or something.)

As a fandom, I find us to be supportive, considerate, and, in general, awesome. We can totally pull this off.

Oh yes, and just to make it as official as possible, it is an event on Facebook!


  1. glee, big bang theory? bones is fun but its already 4 seasons in... OH OH OH

  2. Please "catch up" on Torchwood...we desperately need your sometimes wry, sometimes poignant, always witty narration to help us process what would otherwise be unbearable.

  3. Oh thank you for the Rosenctantz love...I had to stop yabbing about tomorrow night as the drool effect took hold of my ass and it messed me up on Mafia Wars

  4. NCIS? (The Real Thing. The Los Angeles spin off hasn't thrilled me yet.) Bones? V when it comes on?

    Have you checked out the world of the Askverse? I hate "fixit" fanfic but Askverse managed to save Ianto in a gigglefest. (Ianto is there, too. Actually, they're all there, plus some.) A lot of people were able to get past the FAKE DOCUMENTARY reading what happened in Askverse.

    You could always recap Hell's Kitchen. Keep a running count of the cuss words.

    Okay, maybe not.

  5. As other people have already mentioned, Bones and NCIS.

    Flashpoint? (because I am insanely sad that I don't get to see the new season yet, I live CLOSE to Canada but apparently that doesn't count..)

  6. Hmmm... how about Fringe? it just started it's second season and is pretty awesome. I also think you would make awesome NCIS recaps... oh so much snark in there.... but there's so much to catch up on so maybe not.

    Do you get to see Burn Notice? I know it's on hiatus... but that is also an awesome show.


  7. You could do AMAZING NCIS recaps!!! The is already awesome but you doing recaps would be like icing on cake or whipped cream on an ice cream sunday!

  8. I sent out my RSVP over at facebook for tonight. Whoo! Big Bang Theory mentioned a Numb3rs a few times. I don't remember which episodes though. I relatively new fan of Big Bang.

  9. I read this yesterday morning before I headed to school and due to a very busy day I had no time to comment so I apoligize.
    I did however take in your idea of being kind and was nice to partner in my chemistry class as we never get on (last week we broke a glass measuring cylinder, our teacher was in no way amused with us, she made us pay for a replacement). It was great cos his name was David and he was totally freaked out. :D

    I beg of you to do Torchwood recaps as I can not think it without depression setting in and any snarky comment would help. Please... :(

    I think you would be awesome with NCIS recaps but as someone already pointed out, it would be hard to catch up. I'd hug you to death if you did CSI: NY recaps but yet again, there would be alot to catch up on. Flashpoint recaps would be great too, it's a good show and not too much to catch up on.

    Can't wait for your Season 6 Episode 1 *squee* recap for NUMB3RS.

    Ohh, can anyone tell me what Big Bang Theory episode mentioned MUNB3RS?

  10. Fringe would definitely benefit from your snarktastic viewpoint :)


  12. I would love love love you to recap Leverage (as I've already said.) I realize that most of the season has already aired, and it won't be back until Janurary, and it's already in season two...but I would love your unique spin on these wonderful characters.

    Also, I will be participating in Be Kind to David Day. It'll be easy since there are actually 4 David's in my life....

  13. I submit a vote for Bones. There is no one more adorkable than John Francis Daley. But you'd like Burn Notice too as someone already said.

  14. I feel your pain in regards to Torchwood. And I didn't even watch the-series-that-shall-not-be-named. I spoiled myself accidentally after it aired in the UK, and kind of sat around numbly for a while afterward. Then, in a fit of enraged grief I cancelled every single episode I'd scheduled my DVR to record and have been sulking ever since. I still flinch when I see a reference anywhere.

    Have you ever thought about Supernatural? Lately, that show has been gayer than Torchwood and I'm not even exaggerating much. Also, it's kind of awesome for other reasons too. Apocalypses! Misha Collins! Angel condoms! I love the world they live in.

  15. FLASHPOINT!!!! Or Lie to Me. Or Dollhouse, even though its FOX.

  16. I second the vote for Leverage. Lie to Me would be good too.

  17. how about old classic who! for the 60s (One and Two) and the avengers. anything new i don't know

    i will not think about RTD.