Friday, September 25, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: Hangman (Eppesode 601)

Are you celebrating my birthday Be Kind To David Day on October 12th?

Charlie, there are times to calculate the velocity of the bullets, and times to crap your pants. This is one of the latter times. (A time to crap is in Ecclesiastes, right?)

Umm, a sniper with no guarantee of Edgerton? I'm feeling sort of ripped off here. Strike that. Remove the words "sort of."

Charmita: together they make one crappy liar.

And the Geneva thing -- is that how we're without Larry for months?

Bad Mike Brady! Bad!

Larry, I want to see you run screaming from the room!

Apparently, the memo went out that we needed scruffier men this year.

Liz, you're looking rather beautiful this year: by beautiful, I mean freaking gorgeous, and I hate you.

OMG, Charlie, could you be a worse liar? I mean, could you?

Firecrackers? Seriously? This guy clearly does not want to kill anyone.

Colby, sorry, you're hot, but I wouldn't vote for you either.

Global, why do you keep showing me House previews. A happy House is not a home unless it's with Wilson.

Yes, I have come to the decision. Liz, I hate you. It's not fair one person got so much pretty.

Charlie, that phone call is one hell of a BIG DEAL.

Okay, so I'm going to need to keep a count of bullets in this eppesode. I actually had to look up that this eppesode wasn't directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal, because he usually does all the shoot-outs.

Oh David, have I mentioned you are awesome? Wait, I gave you my birthday your own day, so I guess that says it all!

Well, Mr. Brady is a killer, and Colby will smite him down.


Okay, so I didn't see the whole calling for permission to marry thing coming. I guess they're slightly better at keeping secrets than I thought.

Suggestion for the end of Charlie's letter: PS: Spy, this is your shout out so DROP IT!

Have done everything short of spamming to make Numb3rs a Twitter trending topic. Okay, so perhaps it was spam-lite.


  1. Good premiere. I liked that instead of the "not-answered proposal", Charmita was just keeping secrets.

    Lots of shooting in this ep. Including fake shooting, like fireworks.

    You're right- Liz is too pretty. Lol.

    (By the way- if I ever write for a TV show [any TV show], I am giving you a shout out. You're too awesome.)

  2. Yes, this episode was awesome. And I don't know why were weren't able to make it trend. :-(

    I too am very happy that it was the phone tag and now a Amita said I had to think about it type of deal. (Or the lame "You are just asking because I was kidnapped" BS. I mean she was the one last season discussing it with Alan.

    Just another example of how awesome Numb3rs is. Cute touch with the close up to Amita's hand at the beginning which did house a ring but it was on the wrong hand. Sneaky!

    And yes, Liz is beautiful.

  3. I didn't notice the ring thing. That's cool. And, yes, very sneaky. Wonder if it's the actual ring, or if she just hasn't started wearing it yet?

  4. Oh how I love thee, SCRUFFIER AGENTS!!
    Haha even my brother noticed.
    But Colby and Don longer hair, and that orange shirt Colby was wearing. I melted. I remembered why I loved this show so much. *Swoooon*
    And I also noticed no lighting budget this year either... a bit saddened.

  5. Jews often wear their wedding (and presumably engagement although I never got one) rings on their right hands. I think it's because there's something in Talmud or Kabbalah or someplace saying it's the hand closest to God. Maybe it's the same with Hinduism? Or Charlie automatically put it on her right hand. Of course, this presupposes a religious upbringing he never had so I'm probably wrong.

    Glad to see you back, Spy! I was sure you'd get some kind of shout out this season. I'd been hoping for it so much it was impossible for me not to believe it.

    And good on Colby, backing away from Charlie's request for advice. But, given what the eventual explanation of the awkwardness was, I can't imagine what kind of advice he was going to ask for.

    Whenb Larry goes to Geneva it had best be by way of Washington. LONG LAYOVER THERE! No pun intended. If you catch my meaning, and I'm sure you do.

  6. Awesome premiere. l can't get over how much l love this show <3, l really can't. They avoid the soap opera cheesiness so nicely (having everyone else on the show going "okay, dudes, your relationship is goofy, l don't even want to know" to Charlie and Amita), and the blankly altruistic, too (so many shows have the Amazing Guy Who lnspires Everyone, and this show has the super-wonderful protester turn out to be a tetch of a creep - hah!).
    Though, l must say, Don needs a new hairdo. Slicked back permanent hat-head is not a good look. Let it be hair! Don't slick it back! l kept thinking Miami Vice, and while l do love the longer curl-oriented hair on Don, l don't want to look at him and think Sunny and Crockett.
    Also, the entire taem having a surrogate father in the form of their boss's dad is just adorable. Aww, Alan.

  7. just about amita and the ring:
    in some future promotional shots, there are shots of her left land and she IS wearing a ring!
    so maybe she just wasnt wearing until her parents approved?

  8. I totally second the stopover in Washington! When I heard that they cannot afford to employ Larry for the whole season I thought "Why not send him on a nice long vacation to be with Megan". Then again, I certainly won't complain if they are going to send Larry to my beautiful home country (if he needs a tourist guide, he knows where to finde me ;o) ) ...if he considers cheese white food he's certainly in for a treat...speaking of white food, I really liked how Larry pondered on the possibility of raspberries without actually eating them. When I saw him buying them I was kind of afraid that he would become slightly less strange...

    When exactly did Colby start to memorize weapon statistics? For the last four seasons I was convinced that he had a subscription to a bomb-magazine. Now I think he got himself a subscription to "big badass guns monthly" and is a bit too fond of the centerfolds...and wouldn't this have been a perfect moment to bring in Ian Edgerton? I mean, come on, a case about a sniper, is there a better time for him? Please tell me TPTB are going to make it up to us with a big Edgerton-fest later this season.If LDP has time to hang out in the jungle, he certainly has time to be awesome.

    I really liked the moment when Colby and David bet 10$ that it will be dark and wet in the cellar. This is numb3rs after all, what did they expect? A lighting budget? And who builds a swimming pool in this dark bunker hole of a cellar?

    And Anonymous, you're right! Alan is really adorable. But I also loved the quite long brother-bonding-moment between Don and Charlie when they talk about being mere mortals. My boyfriend makes me watch "24" and I really miss the personal bonding, the whole family story that Numb3rs has going on. Apart from all the other awesome things this is one of the main reasons I love this show.

    I could hardly wait for the beginning of the season and I still love this show. Can't wait for your recap!

  9. First and foremost, I WILL be celebrating Be Kind to David Day!! Although they were not so kind in this episode, they did not hurt a hair on his head (er, that is, not part of his body) and really showed what kind of negotiator he is. Love ya, David!
    As for Charmita, yes glad it was NOT the "Let me think about it scenario."
    Hmmm, vote for Colby? It may be better than some of what we have! Uh, wait, not talking politics.....
    Uh, Charlie, little note, there is a good reason Colby, David, and Don were a bit confused about the lighthouse scenario. Set covering deployment is what you use to try to find Colby and Carter after their escape. And unless you repeated the sceario to David, he wouldn't have known. And I doubt very seriously that Don was paying ANY attention to you as your rattled away. So, the only ones that may remember are Alan and Amita.
    Funny thing about the spelling, put it on cosed captioning! You may then think Charlie was doing the typing!
    Oh, and did anyone else think Colby look a little more bulkier?? But, not sure about the hair. Maybe it'll grow on me.

  10. Yes, I found it amusing that among the male characters with hair (i.e. not David) in this ep, Charlie kinda had the shortest haircut! It kinda freaked me out a little bit.

    All in all though *SQUEE*.

    As for Colby - he did seem to have a bit of a belly, but still, I wouldn't vote for him for treasurer, but if he ran for "chief butt kicker of baddies" - you bet.

    David was awesome (as always) - loved his little heart-to-heart with Alan, who was also his usual awesome.

    Don... Oh, Don. Feeling your woobieness - I mean *mortality*. Still, if it involves further shirtlessness, I'm ok with that. But if you grow your hair any longer, you're going to be the brother with the curly locks.

    Charlie and Amita *squeegasm* that is all. =D

  11. You know you're too invested in a show when you get goosebumps just because a character picks up something that's not white at the grocery store...

    Oh, and love love love the long hair on Don and Colby. And Alan going to David and being all 'dad-like.'

    I had so much else to say after I watched it, but the weekend from hell has driven it all from my mind.

  12. Anyone else notice that with long hair Rob Morrow Really looks like David Krumholtz? It's sort of creepy. And on another note, Numb3rs is being syndicated!

  13. Hmm... maybe they will generate some revenue from the syndication and thus actually have a lighting budget? o_O