Friday, February 18, 2011

Reheated Recap: One Hour

In honour of Numb3rs Appreciation Week!

"One Hour"

As written by Dr. Seuss

I am Don


When a paperboy is snatched

The Fedcakes are dispatched.

Paperboy’s father is a don

Shrink’s patient is a Don.

Don’s asked to assess the team

(God I wish this was a meme).

Megan is never harried.

And she is often Larry (Larried?)

Yes, I am a bit perturbed

I just made Larry's name a verb.

David might grow too cynical.

I don’t think so, he’s my pal.

Colby will run here and there

Colby will run everywhere!

He will run down the street.

Watching him run is a treat.

He will run to the hall.

He will run according to the call.

Charmita is there doing math

To help Colby run the right path.

Pretty Liz is there too

But really, has nothing to do.

The boy is saved in the Disney Hall

The kidnapper is shot and falls.

But the moral of this eppesode.

Is that Don will trust them, that he showed.

He will trust them here and there.

He will trust them anywhere!

He will trust them in the street

He will trust they’ll be discreet.

He will trust them, Don-I-Am.

Geez, I miss the Fedcakes damn.


  1. gah... LOL... do good. well done and Brava!!!

  2. You are still the funniest and best recapper I have had the pleasure to come across. I really wish you'd pick a new show...oh well, I'm glad at least someone has a life haha.

  3. I have been reading your recaps for over a year, and this is one of the first times I've ever commented. I absolutely love your recaps and I have two things I would like to mention:
    - I have a new show you must recap (Sanctuary - starring Amamda Tapping, Robin Dunne and that guy that plays Matcus in New Moon)
    - and two, I don't mean to be pushy, but when do you think you can post your recap of Children of Earth (when Ianto died I screamed until the cows came home, it's not fair!!!!!!!!!!!)

    As I wrote before, AWESOME recaps, keep up the good work!

  4. SPY!!!! Guess what? Alimi Ballard is going to be a recurring guest star on NCIS!!!! How much more awesome can TV get?

  5. ahhhhhhh! amazing! its David! on NCIS! my life is complete!
    - fedninja

  6. Spy? You need to call an emergency BKTDD! Alimi's NCIS character just got shot! *runs around in frantic circles while screaming*

  7. i'm a really big fan, but this is my first comment...
    i want to get hold of your old recaps, but the sites you used to write for seem to have disappeared... any chance you could repost???
    your snarkiness cheers me up so much :)
    thanks x

  8. where are u spy