Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Extra Froth: Be Kind To David Day 2010

Our show may be relegated to the land of syndication (which means, BTW, I can see Numb3rs several times a day on several different stations in Canada) but that does not mean our holiday will not be celebrated.

Yes, it is Be Kind To David Day. You may celebrate in whatever way you choose. If you wish, be kind to people named David or behave like David and be kind to everybody. Find a person named Colby and say something snarky!

Whatever you do, remember, the most important aspect of BKTDD is that everything about David is still, even in syndication, awesome.


  1. So do you think you can recap the next season of Doctor Who and/or Primeval? I won't ask about the next season of Torchwood because I don't think it'll be Torchwood, at least not as we know and love it. (I still can't talk about it.)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad this holiday still exists. And I remember it's your birthday too! (and mine) So happy birthday to us!

    But more importantly, Happy Be Kind To David Day!
    I'm going to.....watch some David episodes of Numb3rs on my DVDs. Because I agree, David is the definition of awesome. Seriously, it's in the dictionary. ;)

  3. Can you watch The Whole Truth in Canada? It's the new Rob Morrow show...and it's pretty awesome.

  4. OMG OMG Thud..Spy...you're back !!!!! I've been checking the site almost daily to get your opinion of " The Whole Truth".

    Madame, you have been missed.

    Wwving and hollering from Houston

  5. Yay the holiday continues to be celebrated! I watched David episodes because of course David is still awesome. Will you be recapping the last few Numb3rs eps for us? I hope so. I hope that today has been a very special day for you and David of course.

  6. The whole truth it is a crap.I loved Don E i dont really like Jimmy B.But thats only mine opinion.