Friday, February 27, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: Cover Me (Eppesode 516)

1) Hey, Rob Morrow directed this one! Yay for diversification as long as it doesn't mean ever leaving the show!

2) It's a Liz eppesode! Who knew I would ever be this happy to have a Liz eppesode?

3) Yes, as happy as I am that David's left in charge of her safety, I would like Artemis to back up Athena on this one too!

4) Oh Colby, no you would not look that good in that outfit.

5) This guy so has a crush on Liz. It's about time she found someone else.

6) Charlie was valedictorian of Don's high school class? Ouch.

7) Holy crap, where does Liz buy her underwear? It's so pretty. I doubt she's wearing a wire in that. Oh, screw it, I want Liz's wardrobe in this eppesode.

8) Liz, don't be stupid. Seriously, don't be stupid here.

9) Haven't won a game since 1986? That's got to be a record.

10) I'm so glad that Cam didn't turn out to be a baddie.

11) Amita, you are so sucking up to your future father-in-law. Good for you.

12) Aww, Cam's trying to save Liz, and David's all protective too. Everyone loves Liz (not like that, in David's case.)

13) Vests are good things. Now get yourself to a drug rehab, get out, and make liz happy (just like that).

14) Of course David would move up. If he didn't I would whine. I don't take kindly to people dissing my BFFedcake.

15) Amita wants a ring. Alan wants Amita to have a ring. I want not to be hit on the head by a 2x4.

16) Pillow fight! Hee! I shouldn't find this as attractive as I do, should I?


  1. Ha ha. I still see a possibility for David and Liz, I don't know. Am I a weirdo? But yes, Colby still has the hots for her too.

    Number 14, yes. And I am sure it's a total foreshadowing for what you tried not to say in 1.

    Number 15, yes that was so subtle was it? I want Amita to have the ring. Charlie might need the 2X4.

    And well, I was thinking unlady like thoughts about number 16 so I think you are safe. :-P

  2. Hey Spy great insta recap. I missed Athena as well in this eppesode.I agree with greenleofiend that Charlie may be the one who needs the 2x4. Loved the pillow scene fight at the end. So you're in good company. Looking forward to the percolated recap.

  3. That pillow fight . . . was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Ohhh I giggled with glee. Especially when Don is all huddled on the floor and Charlie's coming in for the kill with the cushion of doom!
    I seriously think that Numb3rs is the only show on tv where siblings actually act like siblings.

  4. The piilow fight at the end had the 'feel' of the unscripted-but-works-so-damn-well-we'll-leave-it-in-there. The shocked expression on Charlie's face, followed by the banter and the actual pillow fight....
    *le sigh*

    I also missed "Athena" but I seem to be one of the N3 fans who likes Nikki Betancourt.

    Great Recap, Spy!

  5. Actually, the CalTech basketball team just sanpped a 207 game, 11 year losing streat in 2007. Which is kinda awesome, in a pathetic sort of way. What's more pathetic is the fact that I actually cared enough to look that up... haha...

  6. @ Suisan. You are not the only N3 person who likes Nikki. I admit, it took me a while, but I've warmed to her.