Friday, March 6, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: First Law (Eppesode 7)

1) Hello Joshua. Sorry, just dated myself, didn't I?
2) Umm, did I just catch them in another serious basic math error in two weeks?
3) Who is this woman trying to split up the Eppes boys?
4) Okay, bitch, Megan could KICK YOUR ASS. In fact, I'd like to see that. I don't care about your history with Larry.
5) All right, iGod was the first computer I ever had a conversation with.
6) Baley doesn't like Charlie? That's okay, I do and I'm real.
7) So, after passing the Turing test you're alive? I know plenty of people who can't compose poetry or discuss the nature of life. Does that mean they aren't alive? Seriously?
8) Seriously bitch, stay away from Charlie.
9) Listen to Larry Charlie, he knows it's wrong.
10) So does Don.
11) The wife is super creepy.
12) Hopefully they were building the 6 million dollar man and not T-1000.
13) Baley just wants to be heard.
14) OH SHIT!
15) HELL NO!
16) AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
17) Phew.
18) The best all time quote machine and they didn't name it after me? Seriously offended now.
19) Second open door crack in a month? Come on.
20) I knew that woman was creepy.
21) I still want a smart home.
22) Larry & Don standing between bitch and Charlie. Hee!
23) History analogy war! Yay! I'm such a geek.
24) Coach Eppes? Really? They went there?
25) Well that sure as hell wasn't Asimov's first law.


  1. Spy,

    Re.#1 - Shall we play a game?
    And 23. SWEET!!!! You're not the only history geek!

  2. #4 - Megan should kick her ass, that woman's a creep!
    #14-16 - Phew! I was freaking out there, I knew they wouldn't do anything too bad to Amita but still.
    It was so weird, I actually knew what they were they were talking about in this episode with the Turing test and the analogy with Cyrano de Bergerac.

  3. Bad haircut always = creepy woman.

  4. @Auntie Amy: Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess?

  5. @Spy: How about tic-tac-toe? *tries to remember line correctly*

  6. Yeah, where the **** was Asimov's Law? Geeky little me was waiting for it the whole time and then what? Nothing *deeply disappointed*

    *decides to cheer herself up by reading Spy's 5x16- recap :D*

  7. The end was absolutely great. Yes, I was telling the bitch to get away. The Amita and Baily parts were really fun though. (Except for the almost dying part of course.)