Sunday, March 29, 2009

Instacap: Primeval: Episode 14 (Episode 301)

I have no idea how I managed to see this before it aired over in North America. That's my line and I'm sticking to it.

Is it weird that the opening scene is giving me flashbacks of both Stargate and "Blink" at the same time?

Oh hell, have I mentioned before that dinosaurs scare the crap out of me? Remind me again why I watch a show with the one thing that gives me nightmares.

New, new opening pictures. Umm, who are these new people and why haven't they figured out a way to bring the scorching hot Stephen back from the dead? This new guy, Becker, is doing nothing for me.

At least some things are still the same, like Lester's amusing assholiness. "You'll be dealing with a highly strung and and temperamental team of rank amateurs who just happen to be brilliant at what they do." Best all time Lester quote, ever. Okay, maybe his next line about Cutter is his best. Maybe he's just competing with himself.

Okay, what that that tour guide, Sarah, just did is what every tour guide wishes they ould do to a group of snotty school children.

Stephen Hart flashbacks as seen through the devastated Cutter. What slashy bits?

Hey it's not!Claudia Brown asking Cutter out to dinner, to try and distract me from the slash. Dinner plans are interrupted by a curator becoming dinner.

I think the Rex and breakfast thing is the equivalent of someone tossing your pet on your bed when you refuse to wake up, just with more CGI.

Connor has a phobia of museums?

Almost getting eaten by something prehistoric: aka, Primeval hazing.

Christine Johnson, anyone who scares Lester is more than welcome on this show.

Sarah, you're either being ironic of a bit of a crazy bitch. I'm not too sure I like you.

Second Stephen reference.

Eating people is a bit of a dramatic reaction to a parking ticket.

Connor's bad luck bites him in the ass. Literally.

If the creature went into the Thames, why worry? The water will kill it.

Okay, is Christine this season's Leek, just with better hair?

Eek, BOB! (Bunch of Bob, or Dave as he's also known as.)

Saved by convenient lighting! Sarah's just coming across as more and more useless and looking useless next to Connor (sometimes) is quite the feat.

Faux Egyptian gods cannot live without their eggs and bacon in the morning.

Do all prehistoric creatures know how to use an elevator? First Rex now this dude.

I love not! Claudia in damage control mode. BTW, not!Claudia looks a lot more like Claudia this season.

Wasn't the new guy supposed to stick to the team like glue. EPIC FAIL on day one, since Cutter's jumping out a window while tied to a hose.

And an entire exhibit full of priceless artifacts are destroyed to save one prehistoric crocodile that is homesick.

I wouldn't bow either.

Okay, so it is a creature with megalomania. Bob would not be amused.

Sarah, scaring Connor in the middle of an anomaly investigation isn't as funny as you think it is. I don't care if your one not useless idea was a good one.

Third Stephen reference.

Crap, one decent idea and now she's part of the team. Well, at least I have someone to take things out on when I'm having a lousy day. Oh yeah, and those trousers she's been wearing all episode, do not fit her properly. Any woman out there recognizes "the waist is too short and I'm chafing" walk.

Lester sounds far too pleased that the culture minister gets to decide where the sun cage is going to provide new food for the beasts.

Hello again, fugly dude, and Helen. Ready to do some evil with whatever the hell that thing is you've got?

And now it'll all be about legends.


  1. And you ARE going to tell us all whether, and when, we in the US get to actually SEE this episode? *hopinghopinghoping*

  2. Hi Spy I picked up a cool Primeval freebee at the last Comic-con, if you drop me an address I'll send it to ya :)

    my email is,

  3. the bit about the elevator made me realise something - in the first episode of every season a prehistoric creature used a lift! Rex, raptors now Pristinechampus... I'm thinking new ideas are needed :P

  4. It aired last night on BBCAmerica, and I loved it! I love your recaps on Torchwood and Primeval on the now defunct Recapist.

    But I liked this epi, and boy do I miss Stephen! Only a non-American tV show would have the bad ass gun slinging guy wear flannel and henleys, loved it, and miss him BAD. As for Claudia2, her outfits and lack of decent bra last season made me crazy! She's a PR chick, they are always perfect looking, hip and up to date, not sloppy messed up, chicks wearing stripper dated pumps! I am so glad she looks more like Claudia Brown now--much better. Not sure about new girl, & I don't like the new guy.

    As for Cutter, I feel so sad for him, he's sadder than ever, I fear he might do some crazy suicide mission at some point, as I don't think he will ever be able to beat Helen. I still can't believe they killed Stephen--Who finally is not wearing those weird outfits, with those weird pushup bras??? did not get that either.

  5. I just found this Blog, been a bit busy with moving across country and stuff. I would like to say that I'd love it if you would do these wee recaps of Primeval. I just saw that the new season had started on BBC America and somehow managed to watch the entire season in two days. Hmm, I must have stepped through an anomlie.

    Just a couple of thoughts...

    Shouldn't they prep new team members on what the enemy looks like? Maybe just passing a picture around? :D:D

    And I miss Stephen, too. :( :(

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