Friday, April 10, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: Animal Rites (Eppesode 519)

Okay, I don't care if this makes me a bad person, but I cannot watch animals being hurt on screen. Run puppies, run!

Numb3rs poker? We've done that before. Larry was in space at the time.

Hey, it's Polly Walker, the original Mrs. Collins in the original and awesometastic State of Play. John Simm rocks!

Poor Charlie, want a hug? I'm offering.

Charmita is seriously creeped out.

Monkey! Like ninjas, they're always a good time.

And just like in State of Play, Polly Walker's character is playing both sides.

The kid is 17? That makes my skin crawl.

They blew up Cal Sci?

Hey, look, it's an ad for the American State of Play. Someone needs to tell Helen Mirren that there's no way she can be as scene-chewingly amazing as Bill Nighy in that part.

I believe the technical term for having multiple handles is obvious douchebag.

Hey, it's the puppy from the lab. Hey, he can't be released into the wild. He needs to be pampered and petted for the rest of his life for being so cute. Sorry, that's my theory of how one should treat dogs. Yes, I have given up my seat to make a dog more comfortable.

Eek. Crazy kid is crazy.

I'm glad she's trying to save the kid and all, but Polly Walker's character in this eppesode is as frustratingly obtuse as Anne Collins.

Not touching the comment about Hindu there.

Nikki is Sarah? Huh? I thought she was Bianca.

Is it bad I'm a little surprised when crazy kid asks Nikki who to kill, she didn't answer, "yourself?" Is it?

Puppy saves the day!


Random tennis game of Artemas and Athena against Amita and Polly Walker? Huh?


    I miss Megan, but I don't hate Lorna.

    "Puppy saves the day!"
    Hell yes!

    "Random tennis game of Artemas and Athena against Amita and Polly Walker? Huh? "
    A little random, but still fun to watch. Especially since Nikki apparently sucks at it.

  2. Ha! Anne Collins. Hey, like we all weren't jealous of her in State of Play... (Yes, I love John Simm, how could you tell?)

    Uh oh. Given my state of mind (NOT my State of Play), this post may turn a little into a rant about the movie. I'll try tio restrain myself, but I'm not making any promises.

    Heh, numb3rs poker. Always a good time. Until someone gets a skunk in their office.

    "Yes, I have given up my seat to make a dog more comfortable." have I :D Mostly because my friends dog will sit on you if you dont get out of the way, and its gigantic, but also because it's cute...

    Aw, I miss Megan :( I watched Trust Metric the other day... *cry* Megan and Larry were so cute!

    "Hey, look, it's an ad for the American State of Play. Someone needs to tell Helen Mirren that there's no way she can be as scene-chewingly amazing as Bill Nighy in that part."

    *finger twitches*

    OK, a small rant. The original series was awesomesauce. And the casting was unbelievably good. John Simm, David Morrisey, Bill Nighy, Philip Glenister, Marc Warren and James McAvoy? SWOON! I mean, I watched the trailer for the movie, and my first thought was "Russell Crowe? Ben Affleck? What?" I mean, there is no way that the movie cast can compete with the awesomeness that was the british cast. And there is no way they can fit the whole 6 hour series into a tiny movie. *huggles british version*

    *hangs head sheepishly*

    Ok, I'm done. I swear one of these days, I'll stop ranting on other people's blogs and just start my own.

  3. I wonder whether Larry's monochromatic vegetarian diet is as much a pain in the ass for his friends as my flatmate's "vegan without wheat" phase. I guess I add the preference of monochromatic food to the description of the person with the worst possible diet, which so far consisted of a vegan suffering from both coeliac disease and a soy allergy.

    What did they do to Don? He looks as if he's constantly hung-over...and where is Robin???

  4. LOL, my first thought on the declared vegetarian diet was well, it's not as exclusive as white food. Then again there are white veggies.

    The dog was absolutely cute. And hopefully that dog is adopted by the 17-year-old's mother.

    The episode made me think of a recent bill drafted in Michigan called "Koda's Law" which deals with dogs at shelters being sold to medical researchers.

    I miss Megan and Larry, but I can't say I am not glad that Larry is starting move on. It was interesting when Larry and Robin had that little discussion in "Arrow of Time", as perhaps an attempt of closure in addition to similarity.

  5. Heh, I have to admit that when Lorna/Larry hints started appearing (aka, as soon as she appeared), one of the first thought was 'Spy isn't going to be happy' along with 'Megan could kick this girl's ass without any trouble'. I'll reserve judgement though. Cause I have to admit, she won points when she stood up to crazy.

    And while I was apprehensive about the subject matter, I wasn't too disappointed by their perspectives. (point of fact, dogs are rarely used as experimental subjects anymore) Also, glad they showed rationality on both sides, ie, the rational animal activist. (Yay for David's comments too!)

    And yes, I have come across people who do beleive keeping pets is teh evil. They freak me out somewhat. Probably cause they see ME as evil for training to be a vet... *shakes head*

    And was I the only one who was waiting for SOMEONE to say SOMETHING, even a little something, when Charlie mentioned the schizophrenia thing? The awkwardness in the air meant that someone was thinking something...!

  6. The day after I saw this eppesode, I found out that ALF is coming to my large SoCal university.

    Life imitating art or art imitating life?

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