Saturday, April 25, 2009

Poll the Second Results

The results on who has the best hair on television is in and the results are:

  • 58% of the voters thought Charlie Eppes, despite the accidental haircut, has the best hair on television.
  • 33% of voters believe Patrick Jane's sandy blond locks the best on TV.
  • 10% of voters love Sam Winchester's floppy-hair look.
  • Finally, only 5% think Ray Carling's hair, on the now defunct LoMUS, deserved the title.

Thanks for voting!

Now, the next poll is only a few days long and concerns the Numb3rs Fandom. In a week, we'll be seeing the 100th eppesode of the little midseason replacement that could. There have been hints that it'll be a fan reference extranvaganza (as in, fans will get the references, not be the references, even though I'm still holding out hope for a shout out). In fact, there will probably be so many references, I probably need help spotting them all. Thus, if I were to post a "HELP SPY" post next week, I'm wondering if I would get assistance. Thus, I'm having a poll.


  1. I voted Heck no!

    ...I'd like to point out that I'd actually love to help and I'm excited for the episode, but I live in Australia so I probably won't see it until long after you guys *shakes fist at Australian programming*

  2. This was the episode that caused my roommate and I to decide that Nikki and Liz are Hunter and DeeDee. :)