Friday, April 24, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: The Fifth Man (Eppesode 520)

Charlie's moving offices? Is it because this one's darker? It is, isn't it?

Boxes=chalkboards. Well, I guess anything is math worthy for Charlie just like everything is Crayola worthy for a toddler.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are reunited.

Don? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I wasn't spoiled for the specifics so I was totally surprised he was stabbed, not shot.

For about 2 minutes, I thought Robin wasn't going to be in this eppesode. That would not have been good. Trust me, my future recap got a lot less whiny when I saw Michelle Nolden on the opening credits.

Charlie & Nikki: dueling guilt.

Again, with the bad teachers. Doesn't Numb3rs have an educational program? Seriously, stop picking on the teachers.

As soon as the doctor sounds hopeful, Don crashes?! Bad Doctor, do you not know the first rule of TV hospitals is never say the patient will be fine when he's hooked up to a heart monitor that can make a continuous beep?

Angry Colby is angry.

Alan singing St. Pepper's? I would pay to see that.

The fifth man is the target and living in safe houses? Huh?

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are bickering.

Oh, the motive is sort of valid. Note the sort of.

Hey hey, Ray-Ray made the key key!

What is Alan reading?

Don's awake? Where's Robin?

Dear Charlie, if you do the decoy thing your adorkableness will not make up for -- damn, apparently you really don't listen to my warnings.

At least Charlie brought along all the Fedcakes, with laser sights.

Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty? HELLO FUCKING KITTY?

I've just invented a new game. Throw the dart at the Hello Kitty balloon.

Okay, seriously not enough Robin for me. Yes, I'm biased.

No preview for the 100th eppesode? Bite me, Global.


  1. I completely blame the LAPD for what happened to Don!

  2. ^The LAPD? Were they the ones completely wrong about everything given to Charlie?

    I totally agree about Robin. My first thought was "Robin better be in this episode, or I will throw something at my TV". Then it was "NotEnough!Robin". But she and Alan hugged and it was adorable so I really can't complain too much.

  3. LOL, the Hello Kitty made me laugh. I saw a commercial with Don getting stabbed and I still flinched. It was that powerful. Maybe Robin will be around more next week?

    When Charlie decided to be the decoy. I was like "Oh yeah, just like Alan needs another son in the hospital." I knew the TV gods would not be that evil but still it's still a concept that was going through my mind.

    And ouch! The harsh, but understandable words (and unfortunately not very untrue) that Alan told Charlie and of course Larry was out of town. Which gave Charlie less outlets to got self-destruct with. Great character development! I loved it. I love Don and Charlie so, yes I do.

    And well, I loved the little talk Liz had with Nikki. Great stuff. You never really stop loving someone, and she most likely always knew she was a rebound though Don loved her too.

    Robin and Don though... so good. I am sure she will give him that one look that will make us squee soon before he is back to duty... you think?

  4. Of course the LAPD. They were the ones who called in the Fedcakes for the job.

  5. That's it, blame the police! *grin*

    So, Spy, you didn't like the Hello Kitty ballon(s)?

    I thought I heard I squee coming from Canada way but couldn't tell because of the rain. ;-)

    Waiting anxiously for the percolated recap.

  6. Well, I thought that while Robin wasn't as visable as some of us would've liked, at least when she was, those scenes were some of the best.

    Personally, I liked the bonding between Alan and Robin. 'Twas good.

    But seriously, only a weeks leave for Don? Even with restricted duty, isn't that kinda short for the injuries he sustained? eh. the magical healing properties of TV-land I suppose.

  7. MusicDreamer7/MysteryApril 26, 2009 at 1:16 PM

    I can't wait for the full recap Spy. This was great though. I loved the hug between Alan and Robin. Did I hear you squee all the way in Arizona on Friday night? Or was that my imigination? *smile* Oh and I didn't see the preview either. I hate local television sometimes. Grr.

  8. hey spy! what do u have against hello kitty! she's adorable! that episode was great, my only grievance is that we didnt see Don enough! and charlie's hair was great!

  9. yeah what was up with the hello kitty?