Friday, May 1, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: Disturbed (100th Eppesode!)

Before it begins, I'm all excited like a little kid. Congratulations midseason replacement that could! I'm so proud!

Holy crap, will need to rewatch pilot 210948234 times.

Charlie's using Alien math.

Why is Don sleeping on a couch and where the heck is Robin?

Dead mailman? I predict the local nasty dog.

Hey, it's like a one man Lone Gunman, and no, that's not a mistake

Yay for Canadian reference but boo it's not about me!

Hey, prism, I remember you!

Charlie's office is like a little kid's mobile of math, just more, well, crazy.

Seriously, need to rewatch the pilot.

I love your hair too, Charlie!

David-vision, identical to a Charlie-vision from five seasons ago. Aww.

Okay, I think Charlie has a fanboy.

That is one creepy-ass serial killer.

Well, I guess data analysis is better than drinking or gambling.

Mmm, wet Eppes.


POLL NOTICE: If you noticed any references, and are one of the people who said you might help out your poor, beleaguered recapper who might be crushed under the continuity, please comment on this post.

Also, since the last poll is closed, I've moved on to something even more serious, for the next poll question.


  1. Awesome 100th!! I watched the pilot in the hour before, so I caught a lot of stuff, but then I didn't write it down... :( So yes, you def. need to rewatch the pilot!

    Check the house numbers on the house of the victim we see before the title flash in the 100th to the house in the pilot where the 12th victim lived & was killed.

  2. There were so many references to the pilot that it was crazy. Good eppesode!

    And, Spy, knowing your David-fangirling I'm sure you noticed the reference to the pilot being both David and Charlie's first case.

  3. We actually saw the Solarium. David did the charile vision from 5 years ago which was totally cool! The prisim. Oh yeah and Larry telling Charlie to make his equations less elegant. The sprinklers. Uh..yeah that's all I could find. All very obvious. I'm not good at this kind of game. Can't wait for the percolated recap. Now I want to rewatch the pilot. Ah who am I kidding? Now I want to rewatch the entire first season.

  4. Liz and Colby discussing Micheal Rooker roles (he played Don's partner in the unaired pilot); Larry holding the Walter Merrick chair (Don's boss in the pilot) Hot zone maps.

  5. a couple things that haven't been mentioned already (I had the advantage of watching the pilot before this eppesode): the conversation between Larry and Charlie about his priorities. What made me see the parallel was when Charlie asked Larry if he needed help with some math and Larry said it wasn't about him. Also (and this one is a reach), the victims heads in plastic bags. (the couple in the garage, I forget their names).

    And Spy, maybe they're saving your shoutout for the season finale!

  6. Where was the Best Supporting Prop, though?

    I didn't catch any additional references because I was saving my attention for your shout out. It'll happen, someday, I'm sure. But would it have killed them to put a pony in this eppesode? (And what was this "100 episodes" thing in the opener? Why didn't they say eppesodes like it's supposed to be. IMHO, of course...)

  7. I saw the fluted bowl, if that's what you're referring to, whenever Charlie walks in at 3 AM and wakes Don up. :)

  8. I'm pretty sure they reused one of the 1st/2nd season 'outside-CalSci-daytime-with-students' shots. It always amuses me that there are a couple of students (very distinctive: the girl with the long red hair) who apparently spend their days purposefully striding across campus, never reaching their destinations.

    Btw, thanks Spy! It seems ages ago that I started reading your recaps (maybe because it IS) and even though we differ on some major points (Liz has always been and will forever remain THE most awesome woman on this show!) I want you to know that I greatly appreciate the work you're doing. I'll definitely stick with your recaps till the very end.

    Greetings from your loyal readership in Germany!

  9. I saw just the really obvious things...the reference to P vs NP/uncertainty principle, how no pattern is 'too random' (Megan from the traffic serial killer one), Larry saying to use an less elegant approach again,and then of course mentioning the first serial case solved together with formula for hot zones and the lawn sprinkler vision. I was going to rewatch the 1st ep before this one but forgot to. I will have to go back and do that though.

  10. I didn't cacth any of them becuase I haven't actually seen the pilot (or any of the first few seasons...yet)

    I felt really out of the loop when I was watching it because everyone was finding joy out of all these hidden references, and I didn't know what any of them were :P

  11. I noticed a few things. First, it was great to see Matt the techie again. Second, I didn't see the prism until my second viewing.

    I don't know if the following are me overlooking or not but here's my list:

    The way Charlie and Ron opened the garage door is similar to David and Don doing the same (S1 Structural Corruption). The way Charlie flips up his phone (S2 Backscatter). There's a mention of comic books (S4 Graphic). Charlie's hair is admired. There's a suspect with anger control issues (S3 Traffic). The words "stalking his victims" call back to Don's voiceover in the pilot. The murderer fakes his identity (S2 Running Man). The files are all laid out on the table (S2 Judgment Call).

    And finally, it sounded like the music was the same as in the pilot, especially when Charlie and Don go to the conspiracy theorist's house.


  12. I didn't come running over here to help because I didn't catch that much (or at least I wasn't too sure I did). I also thought about the "too random" thing. I also loved the redo of the first vision with David! I also liked how it ended with the sprinkler which is basically how it started. I also thought about Charlie's decorating style. Can't recall the episode right now but wasn't there one that Colby said something about someone's decorating style and he'd seen obsession done better. Ok, one other thing I kind of thought might be something was the red candy Charlie was eating. The only tie I could make was when he had the jar of gumballs on his desk. I seem to recall Colby took a red one and Charlie marked it down and said "interesting".