Friday, May 8, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: Greatest Hits (Eppesode 522)

Okay, Charlie, this is getting a little unhealthy. By little, I mean seriously, seriously unhealthy.

No pressure with those letters, Charlie. By no pressure, I mean a shitload.

Sorry, Nikki, Charlie was a better psychic, last week. Speaking of last week, where's the recap for the 100th eppesode? Oh yes, completely buried under five years of continuity. I'm digging it out, very, very slowly. My brain hurts.

Oh, look, the Fonz is back. Oh, and shut up, Fonz. You did it all to yourself.

I know exactly why Charlie doesn't want to write the letter, and can say so in one word: anomoly.

Oh, Colby, you sound like an idiot in your reasoning even if it's painfully obvious that the Fonz is a red herring.

Robin mention! SQUEE!!!!

Colby, do you mind terribly working out your daddy issues with a more worthy character? Do you need to be reminded about the 10 million dollars?

Hey, the Fonz is giving us meta-commentary on the interrogation process.

Oh, invoking Don's protectiveness from Charlie is it, Fonzie. We're done, you and I. Don't call. Don't write, and no, I wouldn't even accept world peace and a pony from you.

I still think Charlie's just looking for excuses to not spend that much time with a dictionary.

Geez, Stephen Gyllenhaal loves his shootouts.

Colby, shut up. By shut up, I mean shut the fuck up.

Bank robber newsletter? Would it be written on a bank slip and stuck under your door by shifty looking people?

Colby, you and your spy (not Theoriginalspy!) ways are in no way comparable to this loser.

Charlie, are you? Really? I mean, you're finally getting to that point where you can ask? You're building up to it, aren't you? OMG! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I'm waiting for the screams from the fandom and --

Wow. That was one hell of a let down. I can't imagine how Amita must be feeling.

I don't care if you are the Fonz. Do not cut off one of Charlie's metaphors!

Is it just me or are the regular partners completely split apart in this one?

Just had a deja vu moment over what I said about the shootouts.

The Fonz saved the fire extinguisher of DOOM.

Oh, painfully awkward scene -- the Fonz and Colby and the father-son moment.

Oh, character factoid -- Don's room was a mess when he was 15. This may sound like an obvious character trait, but let me tell you, my room wasn't a mess until I moved out of my parents' house.

What a sweet brothers Eppes moment.

The office is definitely nicer than any apartment I've ever had.

Hold on, Amita screwed up? Can we talk about the let down from earlier?

OMG, is Amita going to take the bull by the horns and just do it herself --


Okay, that music in the last scene, totally weird considering. Usually the music gives me some sort of foreshadowing.


  1. I suspect Amita will be saved and Charlie will propose, but hey you never know. If Amita dies I am not watching Numb3rs anymore. I want there to be a proposal at the end and then when season 6 starts we have fast forwarded a year or two and Amita and Charlie are married and having a baby.... hey a girl can dream!

  2. Oh Colby, it hurts me to see you acting so dumb. Really sweetie, think about what you're saying and to whom! And I don't like that you're justifying the Fonz's actions. Slippery slope there.

  3. You didn't mention the exciting as hell spoiler in the scenes from next week. You know they'll get Amita back safe and sound, just based on that spoiler. LOL!

  4. what spoiler are you talking about? When Charlie is screaming out Amita?

  5. Global Network rarely, if ever, shows the promos.

    Therefore, I did not get to see it!

  6. Spy there was a clip of Edgerton in the promo.

    I take it we didn't help very much with the Easter Egg Hunt. Sorry your brain hurts spy.

    Truth is I was a little annoyed with Colby, but I guess I can understand his point of view too. Just like I can understand Don's. Believe me I'm siding more with Don.

    Anyway I can't wait for next week.

  7. Ah, yes, the enigmatic coolness is back before SG:U cruelly and heartlessly steals him from us.

    As for the help, it's not that everyone wasn't a big help, they were! I don't want anyone to think that. It's just finding all the other stuff that hurts -- that and I know there's a place where people have been recording it all and knowing, morally, I can't visit there until I've posted the recap!

  8. SG:U? What is that?

  9. @izhilzha: Stargate: Universe. They also stole one of my picks for the 11th Doctor, so I'm not overly pleased with them right now.

  10. I just replied to this posting on my blog:

  11. I liked this episode, wasn't the best, but not a totally let down like some *cough*sneakerhead*cough*.

    *just finishes her 5 minute laugh* OMGWTF BLOOM!?!?!?!? The only person who ruined your career was, wait for it *drum roll*... YOU!!!! I am going to shoot him! (But HW rawked this ep :D)

    And GEEZ! Did anyone else feel like hitting Colby over the head with something this episode? (Although Colby's story about his dad was really quite sad -though not as sad as the Dog the Bounty Hunter episode I just watch.) Nikki's next in line for my baseball bat! I was really beginning to like her... Now I'm away back to square -1000000.

    I did get Colby's POV but we are talking about someone who commited a crime not someone who forgot to fill out a report!

    And I can so see who get's the NPAL for this episode!

    Amita was not scoring any points this episode either by forcing the letter on him. IT'S A FRICKEN LETTER! It's not as if the fate of the world is resting on it.

    Loved the Don\Charlie scene at the end. YAY! We need more of these. And how bad is Don going to feel that he was just there and then Amita is abducted.

    Loving the new office... If it were mine then I would probably end up living in it but that's what Charlie will be doing.

    Can't wait for "Distubed" and this recap :D

    ... No pressure though ;)

  12. Ok, I must be the only one that sides with Colby (maybe cuz I just can't not or maybe it's cuz I can't see the Fonz as a bad guy). Of course, I never though Colby as a dummy either.... Question, if the catch me if you can didn't turn out to be a kid, would we have seen Bloom quite as bad?? Just wondering.
    As for me, Nikki lost points again questioning my guy! Again, that must me just me.
    I also missed my boys working together!
    Another thing to consider is how Numb3rs has a great way of using relationships/chemistry. It was very apparent from interviews that Henry Winkler really liked working with Dylan Bruno, so that is probably where the relationship aspect arrived.
    Hey, I would have loved to seen how Colby did approach Don. He obviously did make a good point, huh?
    Yeah, the entire letter thing was a little out there for me. So these guys wrote these letters the second they claimed the office? Charlie hadn't truly been ready to make that claim anyway.