Friday, January 15, 2010

Instacap: Numb3rs: Arm in Arms (Eppesode 612)

As Spy is currently recovering from beating her head against a wall for the better part of this eppesode, her tweeting has been copied and pasted for posterity.

Don, it's official. I'm revoking your phone privileges FOREVER. No love, Spy. #Numb3rs

Did Charlie just suggest outside the normal flow of time? Is time wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey for you too? #Numb3rs


I am now going to pound my head into my wall and weep for several hours. Feel free to ignore me. #Numb3rs

I can, and will make a correlation between my current trauma and Don answering his phone. #Numb3rs
*bang, bang, bang, bang, bang* This isn't helping. #Numb3rs

Oh OttoBahn, believe me, I understand feeling traumatized. #Numb3rs

Liz, thank you for understanding your place in my universe. #Numb3rs

I know there's a plot . I'm sure it's a great plot but being traumatized, I can't really pay attention. #Numb3rs

I think David and I are both in need of serious hugs. #Numb3rs

Pigeonman: August 21 Amita: July 17th. My suggestion: October 12.
Better Alan pick the honeymoon than Buckley. #Numb3rs

I can now stop with the banging my head against a wall. I am slightly appeased. #Numb3rs

Why does Global TV in Canada not show the previews! #Numb3rs


  1. Dangit, Robin. You goofed him up for several months already - that's what the whole Liz thing was about, remember?! - and now you wanna goof him up for eternity?!!?! Incredibly awesome notoriously self-esteem-lacking dude just proposed! The correct answer is not "no"!!!!!!!

  2. Also, I love that the interrupting phone is now officially an actual running joke. And that the writers seem to giggle their faces off at it, too. Ah, schadenfreude.

  3. "I thought I was"...Oh Don, it's times like these that you truly prove yourself to be adorkable Charlie's big brother. So sweet.

    On a side note, I am truly sick of Colby being sidelined. He's a good character and he's been completely wasted all of the like 0.397475 times he's even been on this show this season. Is he on some other show somewhere? Is that why we never see him?

  4. Damn it. I usually love Robin, but I really wish she'd stop playing games with Don. Going on job interviews to 'make' him say he wanted her to stay before, then not taking him serious when he was being serious about living together then pulling the "I didn't like the way you asked me" with the proposal. Don's a romantic sure, but not a 'down on one knee' type of romantic. When he asked her to stay, he didn't even ask her to stay - he said he wanted her to have everything, he'd just rather she have everything there... with him. I didn't think the way he asked was outside what I'd expect from him. Doing it at his office where they could announce to everyone, or be walked in on while she's crushing his heart I thought was quite brave of him.

    Like I say, I'm usually all for the Robin/Don squee, but she kind of annoyed me in this ep.