Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Extra Froth: Numb3rs: Top 10 Reasons We Need a Season 7

Delayed recaps will be up shortly, but until then, have my top 10 list as to why we should get another season!

10) More Edgerton! We always need more Edgerton!

9) We need a definitive answer over who is the true Numb3rs superhero: Super!Colby or Super!David. There must be a costume portion of the competition. Spandex will be required.

8) Because I haven't spent the last almost 3 years of my life begging for a shout out, world peace, and a pony, for nothing! (To reach truly pathetic, something like this has to be done for at least 4 years.)

7) Because there are still areas / people in L.A. that Stephen Gyllenhaal hasn't tried to blow up / shoot at / put in peril.

6) Colby needs to go out on at least one, normal date. This means, no potential witnesses, no acrobats, and no winning bets that cause the fandom to squee at previously unheard of decibel levels. While we're at it, David, the most marriageable on the show, needs to find someone.

5) We still don't know the name of Liz's able-bodied hamster! Think of all the fanfic writers clamouring for details!

4) Don still hasn't found what he's looking for (which is Robin, but he's a bit slow on the uptake with this one).

3) Two words: Charmita -- expecting. Imagine the hilarity as Charlie becomes a nervous father-to-be and Alan goes nuts at Babies R Us.

2) Charlie has yet to solve why the meaning of life is 42 (which is way more important than P vs. NP).

1) We'll never see the planned musical eppesode "Once More, With Physics."


  1. Charmita expecting. All the way.
    And Colby and David need love. For realz.

    I want a 'And the Winner Is...' recap... Now that you have me hooked.

  2. Well, that one will be my proper argument for another season.

  3. 8, 7, 5, 4, and 3, definitely. You could also add a number eleven: Because Numb3rs is just. That. Awesome. (Seems like a good reason to me)

  4. I also concur with Alex.

  5. Number 6 is hilarious. But all and more are very valid reasons.

  6. Great as always! In my head, ALL of the team running around when Amita says "It's TIME!" Could you imagine that with the musical?? :) And I KNOW there are plenty of volunteers for Colby dates. And if it's me, I'd give you a shout out! I also volunteer for a judge of the super hero contest.

  7. Once More, with Physics!! That would be awesome with awesome sauce on top. Larry could sing the Elements song by Tom Lerher. And Charlie could sing and dance to New Math! It's far past time for the Numb3rs musical episode.

  8. Don't forget Colby singing "Sunrise, Sunset" at the Charmita wedding!