Friday, February 5, 2010

Instacap: Numb3rs: And the Winner is... (Eppesode 614)

Amita is obsessed with the faux Golden Globes, and yet can completely control the TV, and the Eppes men. She multi-tasks.

Hey, it's Larry "Call me Ahab" Fleinhardt camping in the garage.

Um, is Marilu Henner turning all cougar on Colby? I approve of her taste. I also approve of TAXI REUNION!

Someone find out who possessed Larry. His first proper meal in society and it's not white? WHO IS THIS MAN?

Colby just had his best line ever. That is quite a feat.

I now know which weapon goes best with my birthstone.

David, she's not Claudia, but if it helps, I approve.

Did the coyotes recommend buying from acme, Larry, because if they did, don't.

Amita in a toga, it's fanservice for people who don't crush on the guys.

Moody Don is moody.

The writing on this one is brilliant. The quippy snarktasticness is spectacular.

"Where's your girlfriend, not Colby?" THIS LINE JUST MADE MY LIFE!

Yes, Larry, tell us about Andromeda. I'm fascinated, really, zzz...

David, "smooth hard texture... on an animal lecture," means, get a room, now.

Sven, meet Edgerton. Nice knowing you.

Oh, David, telling someone to stay in the car is like signing a death warrant: and then I remember, this isn't Chuck.

Geez, how many times can shots be fired at David in this eppesode? On second though, don't answer that.

Again, she's not Claudia, but my approval just went from yes, to highly.

Impersonating a woman, poorly, should be a crime.

Okay, I missed who wrote this eppesode. THIS WRITER MUST DO MORE, MANY, MANY MORE. I don't think it's one of the regulars, is it?

Um, lady, you earned my approval, but not responding to David's invite means my approval level has just dropped down to "meh."

A meta Colby-shoulder line? Seriously, this writer deserves flowers. I would send them if I knew who to send them to.

Marilu Henner is the other robber? Really?

Pity date? Nikki, I am ashamed.

Don is thinking about how children deserves things. I'm taking the giant leap to assume that means Don is thinking about appropriate parenting with Robin.

Larry's solved the universe, and didn't eat white food once. Which would I have thought was more unlikely, before this eppesode.

My approval rating has just gone way, way back up like other things.


  1. Gosh, I love to wake up on a Saturday morning and have a brand new eppesode waiting for me...

    Don is also able to multitask, he can solve crimes and beat Alan at chess simultaneously!

    Why did I understand "Colby's more like it" when David actually said "cold is more like it"? Whishful thinking or amazing writing and performance?

    "Where to now Miss Daisy?" I LOVE THIS SHOW!

    "If you think for one second that I'm some kind of mastermind...well... well that's...that's absurd..."
    You're right, this writer needs to write many more eppesodes!

    Shouldn't Marilu Henner's missing necklace be an anomaly in the pattern?

    I think Larry does not only need access to CalSci's supercomputer, he also needs CalSci's super brain to create the equations/algorithms/expressions/whatever to feed the computer with...

  2. Absolutely loved this episode. And Nikki's comment about David and Colby. I thought the same thing about Larry not eating a white meal. I caught that when they aired the trailer for this episode the previous Friday. Can't wait for your full recap.

  3. I'm mollified too :) Now I'm all happy and smiley again. Last episode was a big bundle of meh, appearing to have been written by a bunch of junior writers who hated Don (since he was hardly in it, and all they could do when he was around was obsess over his bike).

    I'm pretty sure the writing of last episode was the result of a group therapy exercise for car accident victims (so....these guys shoot people, get shot, stabbed, and tortured, as well as having to witness the most horrific crime scenes around, and Alan decides that Nikki needs a book to help her get over a CAR WRECK?).

    Anyway, this was so much more like it. Sweet Charlie all adoring Larry, LARRY, angsty and caring Don with actual screen time, a plot that didn't read like a PSA about prostitution, humor, snappy writing, David getting the likey!

    The only think that could have made it better was a little Don/Robin.

  4. According to IMDB, the writer of this FANTASTIC eppesode was Gary Rieck. So he wins the internets. Or something.



  6. Good lord. How could we not have a season 7 with this episode? It was downright amazing! Henner flocking herself at Colby (little creepy, but excellent taste) and the complete snarkiness from Nikki, David, and Colby!
    Unfortunately there were no Super!Colby or Super!David that were mentionable; but fabulous episode by far. Wish some of the crap shows numb3rs was replaced by were gone to bring this show back. Because keeping Dylan Bruno from America is almost as bad a crime as dressing as a woman...poorly.