Friday, March 5, 2010

Instacap: Numb3rs: Growin' Up (Eppesode 615)

Mandy Hampton, is that you?

Honestly, I don't want to think about what else Larry would do, alone, in the desert.

Gunfire already? Is this a Gyllenhaal eppesode?

I want to know (about the non-Cambridge fantasy). So do the fanfic writers.

Hey, talk about a wasted opportunity for the previously superfluous DNA model that was in Charlie's old office!

The horny boss versus RocketMan. This will be epic.

Charlie's breasts are sore? I can see that as prompt next month.


I'll bite, why does David have a comb?

I still say that account is for porn, and dolls is his codeword.

The weak dollar is your first reason not to get married overseas, Charlie?


Duck season-rabbit seasons, Numb3rs style.

Yeah, the honour talk, creeping me out, considering the topic.

Why does Mandy Hampton get to film this? Better yet, why are Nikki and Liz not beating her to the ground?

Did not want to see that, either!

WTF?! TOMORROW?!?!?!?! But I don't have a dress (or an invite) yet!


  1. Numb3rs actually dealt with that pretty well. I mean - I liked that the victims were the villains, and the villain who was a victim stayed a villain. In other words, the abused kids did bad things; the bad guy had a bad thing done to him, and wasn't proven to be, like, falsely accused or something - he was still an evil person, but someone who'd had something evil done to him, too, and just. . . no matter who the victim, those evil things are wrong. It was so nice to have, like the reporter said at the end, no heroes.
    And Don dealt well with her, eh? And the issues of rape and such.
    I did want to smack Charlie when he agreed with Don that he was a bad role model, but he'd forgiven him - how about Charlie (involuntarily) making Don's childhood pretty miserable? Of course he didn't hang out much! Don't act like you were the only one who had problems, curlylocks!
    Oh my Lord. Poor gerbil. Awk.
    David's calm acceptance of Colby being dubbed his girlfriend! Hee!
    Few things have made me as happy as Don and Charlie arguing over shadow puppets. Yeah, that didn't look like a bunny. And yeah, that is totally and utterly a conversation real siblings would have. It is. And that is why I love Numb3rs - the characters on it aren't just about drama. They are brothers who act like sibilngs really, really do, with the sweet humanity and goodnatured constant fighting and the friendships and partnerships formed at work ring so true, and all the good guys are really good guys. And it's awesome. And I will miss it and the goodwill it seems to be permeated with, if it goes.

  2. David has a comb, because it's actually Colby's comb. Colby never has a comb and always asked David for one just to be a smart-ass until David started carrying a comb. Then it just became a habit and an inside joke.

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  4. My mom watched it with me because the "little fella" (aka Charlie) was accused of murder. Then we found out what it was she was like "I stayed up for that?" I liked how they broached a serious subject like childhood molestation and offset it with some comic relief.

    You know, I can totally see Colby collecting those things. He should completely understand why David collects comic books.

  5. i saw the preview on and freaked out!!! I came up with a 40 reason list on why Charlie wasn't a killer. i couldn't brethe i was laughing so hard after the polygraph test!!!