Monday, June 1, 2009

Extra Froth: The End of Civilization As We Know It.

I have seen it. It is like watching three trains crash into each other, all at the same time. Despite the horror, insanity, and the crash you know that's coming, you cannot look away.

It is: I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

While I'm amazed at the plain old immaturity (bordering on insanity) of one of the players, I find myself with a whole new conundrum.

I may never look at Agent Ian Edgerton the same, ever again.

This is not going to help me get the Numb3rs finale recap up any faster. In fact, it might traumatize me for several days.

*crawls into the corner, in the fetal position.*


  1. I knew that living on the other side of the big pond has its good sides.

    But I can't help but wonder how a bunch of Z-list celebrities can change the way you look at the god of all snipers. atm it is my firm belief that Ian would take his rifle and ammo as his luxury items into the camp and would shoot anyone who even slightly starts to annoy him. But the longer I think about it, the more likely it is that Ian won't participate in the show to begin with, but he might hide in the jungle and shoot the annoying persons anyway ;o)

  2. *tries to pull spy off the floor*

    as terrifying as it is that lou would participate in such a show, i do have one comfort...

    he's coming to australia!!!!!

    *does happy dance*

    just think of the funny things that could happen with a sniper ... alone ... in the jungle ... with a bunch of annoying celebrities ... ha! they're doomed!

    p.s. please dont delay the finales recap. your recaps brighten up my day and i could really use your snark right now. plus i wanna see what you think about the you think it will be a yes or are you too busy wishing it were don and robin?

    *peers at long comment* ok. i should probably stop now.

    enjoy the show (will you watch it?)

    chow for now

  3. there goes my blissful ignorance... Until this morning I only heard of Speidi going into the jungle, the news of Lou going down under hit me quite hard (that's also why my first post sounded so confused)... And now I'm not quite sure whether I should just pretend that it isn't happening (and keep my untainted picture of sniper god Edgerton) or whether I give in to my curiousness and risk being forced to get into fetal position as well...what if he won't win??? ignorance is such a blissful state *sigh*

  4. The moment I saw that Lou was in that program (which I refuse to watch) I really did think--but he's the enigmatically cool Edgerton. How could he!


  5. I think we're looking at this whole thing all wrong. Lou is only there to prove how much more awesome he is than everyone else combined. Without even trying, every time he opens his mouth to say something, he manages to make them all look even more like ridiculous little children. Personally, I'm getting a huge kick out of it.

  6. He needs to get our of the jungle so that I can regain respect for him...

    I don't watch it, since I am not in the US, but still... Oh God... I read about all the Speidi- disaster, but him? Oh noes...

  7. I watched a few scenes on youtube, but I find reading the recaps on much more satisfying and less time-consuming. And by only reading it I can pretend it's just (badly written, OOC) fanfic and not the "real thing" and thus keep my respect for the sniper-god. Some scenes sounded quite funny and I find myself cheering every time Lou does something that Edgerton would have done as well, like being made team leader or fighting off the rats because his Vietnam-veteran father (and all the Edgerton-groupies *snicker*)would have despised him if he'd chickened out.

  8. I saw Sanjaya dancing around a campfire and I wasn't sure if I was interested or terrorfied I hit the record button on the DVR but then ended up deleting it without watching it.

  9. Spy? Where aaaaaare you? I need the Numb3ers finale recap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets just collectively block Celebrity out of our collective memories.

  10. Dude I'm checking everyday for your Numb3rs finale recap. Hope to see it soon.