Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Instacap: Torchwood Children of Earth: Day One

Originally, I thought I wouldn't be able to post instacaps for Torchwood: Children of Earth because of the lack of immediate access. I was going to wait until July 20th, when it would air here in Canada, but well, for as long as it lasted, I was able to watch the first episode online. Thus, I only have one thing to say.

Bless the people who put it up all over YouTube.

Now, this is the only one I will do an instacap for, and, instead, will post percolated recaps when the episodes air over here, legally.

  • Gwen saying good morning to the picture is so sweet. Aww.
  • The Jantoness is making me very, very happy.
  • 6 minutes in, and I'm not sure that Tupperware line can be beaten.
  • I said this won't be spoilery, but yay for Martha!
  • Jack, when will you learn that Ianto is one for commitment! That is a rare and special thing.
  • Could totally do without the screaming.
  • OMG, I think Gwen has found a consistent character. Who knew! It's a miracle! Although, could you have left out that offensive adoption line.
  • Yes, Rhys, you are brilliant. Torchwood needs some practicality.
  • Um, did Rhys just spend an entire episode in his pants?
  • The politicians aren't doing it for me. Plus, they're evil.
  • Okay, so Jack and Ianto are collecting what now?
  • Totally did not see that coming. This is what not reading spoilers does to me.
  • Ianto's brother-in-law needs to take a long walk off a short dock, right now.
  • Not the TTSUV! Give it back you pasty, mooning, gits!
  • Gwen is what? This does not bode well for Ianto's survival. I see unfortunate symbolism rearing it's ugly head!
  • Okay, who knew computer scanners could tell if you're pregnant? My scanner barely scans.
  • Damn you, BFF, for making me worry about my fictional Welsh boyfriend!
  • Holy hell.
  • Ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ew
  • I think that kiss just killed me.
  • Yes, Jack you are a couple, no matter how much you hate the word.
  • Is this how Jack becomes a head in a jar?
  • That was awesome.


  1. I was quite happy to see that you are still recapping, since I've been catching up on seasons 1 and 2, and reading your old recaps along the way. Of course, now you have tempted me to watch the show before it airs on BBC America because I just saw the sentence "Is that how Jack becomes a head in a jar?" which I know is a Face of Boe reference (as much as I've disliked the idea that Jack becomes the FoB), but which makes me wonder what the heck happens to Jack.

  2. I can't wait for your CoE recaps. I'm still reeling from watching it and want to see your take.

  3. Hi Spy. Just a q... What does TTSUV stand for?

  4. Actually, Rys was only in underpants when Gwen got to their flat to wake him - he jumps out of bed in the undies. =D

    Ianto looked so sad when he "agreed" with Jack about hating the word couple :(

    I'm in the same boat you are except I didn't see it at all until it played here - the last two nights. Anxious for more! I think we're the last in the world to get it this time here in Canada! Boo! Space channel! Boo!

    And now I'm back into hiding to avoid spoilers for the rest of the series! (I was spoiled for the Ianto thing after the first ep aired on BBCA!)

  5. BTW - Awesome yes!

    My squee throughout the second ep had dogs barking the next province over I think! It may have registered on seismic gear at the university - in Wales! Can't wait for tonight for day three!