Friday, July 3, 2009

Instacap: Torchwood: The Dead Line (Radio Play)

Uhhh -- I thought Jack couldn't die. Well, he couldn't die for a long, long time, at least.

Poor Ianto, he sounds so worried. He needs a hug and I'm totally offering.

Jack's on a ventilator in a hospital room and non-responsive. None of this is the least bit funny.

Were the only people who didn't know Jack couldn't die his coworkers in the first season?

Whoever Stella is, she's our only hope.

Bob Roberts? Isn't that like naming someone Andy Andrews, Jimmy James or Rich Richards?

Phone calls are incapacitating people? Help, all the teenagers on the planet will be affected! How will fast food joints stay in business. Oh wait, they're talking about classic phones, so all is fine.

Jack, there is always, always time for coffee.

What is a happy clappy? It sounds sort of dirty.

Don't give up on Bob, it sounds like a weird advert campaign slogan.

Jack, you did get trendy, in 1942.

How many of you didn't picture Jack during the disco era? Isn't that something we'd want to see?


Gwen, why are you calling Rhys on the phone to tell him not to answer the phone? I'm glad Rhys also realizes that this is strange.

"It was the 70's, the movies were so bad, making out was guaranteed." Hee!

And now my head is filled with images of Jack and Ianto role-playing the 70s. I wonder what Ianto would look like with a Mexican mustache and sideburns.
Okay, so Stella Courtney is an important doctor with a penchant for role playing. I know people have layers, and sometimes, Torchwood reveals the ones that we usually don't talk about.

Hello, the 70s called, and they want to stop being the butt of everyone's decade jokes.

Ianto, seriously, free hugs here.

On the other hand, if ever there was a man who would is best suited to be sitting at his lover's bedside, it's Ianto Jones.

There's more Janto in this radio play in 15 minutes than there was in the other three all put together.

That's it. It's time to bring back carrier pigeons.

Rhys, you are so wonderful. If Travellingone didn't already claim you as her fictional Welsh boyfriend, I'd claim you.

Oh, now it's into the mobile phones, now people who think they're so important that they have to be connected 24 hours a day, will discover the true meaning of "reach out and touch somone."

How did Stella avoid getting retconned?

Rhys and Gwen investigating? The comic potential is infinite.

Considering the motif of Role-play, I think Rhys would be for the idea of Gwen dressing up as Lara Croft.

And the comedic potential disappears after the decomposing corpse is found.

The Cardiff and West Building Society is trying to destroy everyone?

Ianto is breaking my heart. The lack of Janto in the other three radio plays is more than made up for by the speech Ianto gives while Jack's in the trance.

Squee. The Jantoness just made my year.

And just in case anyone thought Ianto didn't get the whole picture of his conmplicated relationship with Jack, his speech just cleared that up.

Ianto, if you're foreshadowing your impending death in "Children of Earth," I will not be speaking to you. Are we clear?

Rhys just referenced zombies. Check that off my list of things I wanted to hear in Torchwood.

Why didn't Torchwood Cardiff pick up on this earlier? They had 34 years!

Ianto might have some competition for the best bedside boyfriend ever, with Tyler. He's had 34 years of helping to care for a girl he didn't even get the chance to ask out.

September 24, 1976 is when this all started? See, the 70s wasn't good for anyone.

I'm sorry, but if Jack was ringing the phone with his brain, the phone message would be "hey, whatever you want to do, trust me, I've got experience."

They're going to destroy the phone virus with the MRI? That's the second time in the Whoniverse that I know of where the MRI has come in handy.

Somebody nearly knocked over Gwen and Rhys! They better not have taken out the TTSUV!

Ianto's been in this predicament before. They whole "my lover or the world" thing is going to get old hat if it happens again.

Stella is sort of awesome.

Thank you Stella, for saving us from the tales of the 70s.

"You never will be just a blip in time, Ianto Jones, not for me." I think I just melted into a puddle of fangirly goo.


  1. I totally heart you for the manip of Ianto. I knew someone was going to do it and feared for what it might look like. It is, surprisingly, exactly what I expected it to look like. Yeah, no!

    Go ahead and melt, dear. And then go read the whole speech here, then go listen to it again. I did.

  2. Sadly, that is really a mexican moustache and sideburns, that I edited out of a picture, from the 70s.

    They are just so wrong, there aren't words to describe it.

  3. I had to hit pause when Jack started waxing nostalgic about 70s fashion -- giggling too hard to hear the dialogue.

    Ianto broke my heart into a million tiny bits with that speech and Jack's reply put it back together again. If they're foreshadowing for COE, I may have to break up with TW. Tosh and Owen were hard enough; there's only so much I can take.

    The world can only be improved by Gwen and Rhys: Junior Detectives!

  4. Where can you listen to this? I must mention that I'm from the states.

  5. You can listen through the BBC Radio 4 player. It was a bit sticky after the programme first aired, but isn't region locked.