Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Instacap: Torchwood: Asylum (Radio Play)

Woot! Anything Torchwood vastly improves Canada Day.

Okay, why is the child, carrying the weird gun, semi-narrating?

PC Andy? Oh, PC Andy, I love you.

The suggestion of knife throwing at Gwen just made half the fandom smile.

All right, Freda, while everything is over-loud and over-bright, I'd like to point out that you're overacting.

Ghosties? Sounds like a rejected cereal name.

Jack and Ianto in the TTSUV and a remote control gun? There's a dirty joke in here somewhere.

Ianto, shouldn't you know by now that Jack gets far too easily distracted by guns?

Hello pussycat? I guess a Tom Jones reference is appropriate for a show set in Wales.

51 Lundy Street? I can find a Lundy Close and Lundy Island, but no Lundy Street. Either Google Maps is wrong, or TPTB are saving anyone from being bothers by Whovian fans taking picture of the address.

PC Andy, where did your snark go? You've never been a "pet bobby" before.

"She's from the future!" No shit, PC Andy Sherlock. Glad you caught up.

Jack and Ianto are spending a lot of time together, and yet there's a distinct lack of sexual harassment. I am disappointed.

2069? There's another dirty joke waiting to be made there.

Where Freda's from the people are "overstressed, angry, gotta take it out on someone." Wait, she's from where I work?

PC Andy, do you not remember "Adrift?" You're in a remarkably similar situation -- until Freda escapes out the window.

Out of all episodes to reference, Gwen, you had to pick "Out of Time?"

Yes, Andy, this is smash your patience day. In Canada, we call that Canada Day, after the drunken carousing begins.

Holy crap, PC Andy isn't exactly behaving like PC Andy. I don't know what disappoints me more, the lack of Janto, or this neutered version of PC Andy.

WTF did Jack do?

Finally, PC Andy stands up for himself. That's the snarky, practical PC Andy I know.

Oh Freda's talking about how she doesn't belong anywhere. Great, just turn on a Simple Plan song and put on some eyeliner, emo child. I guess PC Andy is a better choice to talk her down than I would be.

Torchwood saved Freda? I'm glad that was made clear, otherwise I would've thought it was the Doctor.

Jack's responsible? Does not compute.

Jack, you've already opened your doors to the universe and spread the love. It's not like you wouldn't be doing what you haven't already done in the past.

So Torchwood gets an asylum policy, unless your name is Janet.


  1. Judgment rendered, I do love you. Great instacap. But I think next time (tomorrow?) you should grab a handful of loose (there's a dirty Jack joke in there but damned if I'm going in after it) screencaps from past episodes to macro. Just because...

    This one was a damn sight better than Lost Souls. Don't tell anyone I said that. Please?

  2. p.s. I have no idea who I thought I posted the above as but it was me posting it. Sometimes I hate computer.

  3. Well, it depends on the pic Radio 4 posts. Plus, the first time I reviewed a radio play, I made stick people. Thus, it totally depends on my mood.

  4. Ok, this has nothing to do with this particular torchwood thingy, i just didn't know where else to post.

    I was ready your recap for Reset, and the whole Alan Dale thing was very true. And hilarious.

    I was watching an Australian drama, and he appeared for many of the seasons 13 episodes, for the story arc. Within the first 5 seconds of him apearing on screen in the first episode, my first thought was "Oh, he totally did it. Could you make it any more obvious? I have no idea what it is, but he totally did it". And he was supposed to be a good guy for most of the season.

    He totally did it, by the way.

    Anyway, the bad thing about living abroad is we don't get radio plays. Not sure if his one is one Youtube, but if it is, I will totally watch it when I get a chance.

    Random sidenote: PC ANDY. SQUEEEE!