Friday, October 30, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: Dreamland (Eppesode 606)

Goathart base? Does George Clooney stare at it?

Is Department 44 the American Torchwood? Although, it was created 13 years earlier.

X-files reference. The x-phile in me swoons.

Agent Mulder -- sorry Nikki, Liz would be Scully.

David needs a career day at the IHOF.

Otto Bahnhoff? His parents clearly hated him?

Otto & Floyd need their own comedy show. It could be called the Lone Punman.

I think Floyd owns Zoolander's cell phone.

Charlie's blue shirt is pretty on him.

Being blown up would kill you. It's a valid cause of death.

Well, if those contracts with aliens come up, someone tell Torchwood. If they have contracts with the afterlife, tell Ianto to not be dead!

I am not asking where Floyd kept that flashlight.

Didn't we have a faux-alien eppesode, in season 1? I recapped that!

Actually, Floyd, you apppear to be freaking nutzoid -- technical term.

It's Margaret's birthday. Take not of that, FF authors, for accurate details.

Please let Alan be hinting about Robin.

OMG, it's the aliens with the black oil! Sorry, I regress into my old x-phile.

Charlie, I applaud you for not peeing yourself.

How much better would this eppesode be if Liz were in it?

The designers are welders, the welders are blaming the electricians, and the kneebone's connected to the leg bone.

Yes, engineers are that deluded.

Strange aerial craft don't kill engineers. Engineers kill engineers.

David cannot go to DC. David cannot go to DC! DAVID CANNOT GO TO DC!


Don, listen to David. He is wise and not going to DC.

Meddling kids! Off in the Mystery Van next, and wouldn't Don look good dressed like Fred? The question is, who would you cast as the rest of the Scooby-gang?


  1. Floyd creeped me out, yet for some reason I love him and want to invent a reason for him to come back. Whatever.

    Nikki called Colby Fred. I'd have to disagree with that. Don is totally Fred.

    "Scully, not Mulder" was the first thing I thought, too.

    And how "aww" was Alan with Amita in this episode? He's totally excited that he's going to have a "daughter".

  2. I had a hard time with this one. Part of me kept on hoping at the end Colby was reading a script from that guy they put in prison. Then again, the Alan/Amita moment would not have been in there BUT neither would the thought of David going to DC. WHAT are they thiking??? Do we need to have a Be Kind to David's Fans Day? Oh, and yeah, missed Liz.

  3. This was on fun epiosode. Loved the references. Adored the brilliant guest stars. Plus we got some good family moments too.

  4. The guest stars WERE AMAZING!!!
    I LOVED Floyd!!! It just made me laugh everytime he talked.[I think they should have an episode with Floyd and Lazlo. It would be epic]
    And then the whole thumbs up to Nikki through the window. Haha
    OH and Don: "Oh yeah, uh Colby take him to CalSci k?" And poor Colby's face. :)
    Fred: Don
    Velma: Nikki
    Daphne: Liz/Robin
    Shaggy: Colby
    Scooby Doo: David.

    I see Colby as more of a stoner and David solving the case. :D

  5. And yes, David cannot leave. If he does, it better only be for a few episodes for training.

  6. Floyd reminds me so much of Data from Star Trek Next Generation!

  7. David only has to go to DC for 2 years if he wants to go the "management" route. But since David (and Colby) both clearly want to grow up to be Don, I think he's going to go the "Field" route with his feet in both sides like Don. Like Liz, he'll decide he doesn't want to leave LA (and Don) because like he said himself, Don is his mentor (a comment that made me squee! because I might possibly adore "incharge!", "bossman!", "mentor!" Don just whole lot!) =D

  8. If anyone can revive Ianto, it'll be someone from Cal Sci. They would LAUGH IN RTD'S FACE at Cal Sci. "Kill Ianto? What is WRONG with you? Here, look at these demographics. Look at this analysis of sound patterns. Look at this study of fan based websites. Clearly you have no concept."

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