Friday, October 2, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: Friendly Fire (Eppesode 602)

Originally, I wasn't going to instacap this, but the last five minutes of the eppesode required a response. Actually, this is an instacap light, since I have only one thing to say.

Dear slashers,

It was lovely to know you. You will be missed since all of your heads just exploded at the Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, I mean Rosencrantz/Guildenstern, date.


PS: HEE! I love my show for going there.


    Oh my gosh.
    Kudos to Rob Morrow for doing the "Petey" thing and crying without looking like an idiot or melodramatic twerp like sooo many actors do.
    Did the rest of the team not yet know that he had to shoot Fox? Because they were awfully cheerful for our-friend-just-had-to-shoot-his-mentor.
    But wow. Oh wow, David and Colby dating. Commenting about the otehr being a gentleman and cautioning about shellfish causing an upset stomach. Numb3rs loves its fans. Wow.

  2. I couldn't stop chuckling after the Covid? Dalby? Singer? date. I really love Numb3rs for going there too. (And again, this had been a very good moment to bring in LDP. At least he got a shout-out this time,this keeps my hopes for his return high).
    Especially because they had to go all the way without light because they blew all there was in their budget for the next 2 seasons on Charlie's 3D-parking-lot-model, Larry's spaceship and Don's shooting playground.

    I guess we can brace ourselves for the triumphant return of Bradford, Don is going to need some serious therapy (and some TLC from Robin!!!), now that he knows he's mortal and he had to shoot his mentor. Btw. if they start bringing in Don's old colleagues, why not bring in Billy Cooper? He hasn't been around in quite a while and Don might need someone other than Larry to talk about everything *hint hint*

    I guess I really need to rewatch this eppesode, the whole who-shot-whom left me confused most of the time...

  3. This was such an awesome episode! I love the date at the end. Yes every Colby/Sinclair slasher out there will have to be scraped off the floor right about now. I was sort of expecting it especially considering Colby's remark at the beginning about them being 'married'.
    Where is Larry going? I'm going to miss him. So far this season has been rocking! Don is looking HOT! HOT! HOT! Charlie though...something is off, if he were a woman I'd say they were trying to hide a pregnancy.
    Fabulous. I love my Numb3rs!

  4. Oh wow this eppesode made my day. I was feeling crappy and the last five minutes made me so happy, my parents thought I had gone nuts.
    When Colby said they were married I KNEW the slasher fans were so excited haha, even I was!!!!
    I love how Nikki was holding herself in and I completely agree, NUMB3RS LOVES THEIR FANS! Haha.

    My question is wtf is going on with Larry? Is Peter taking a leave? Or just not coming back??

  5. Ha!! Yes, I loved that bit at the end with David and Colby! I too imagined the head-esplody of various portions of fandom.

    Don's "Petey" sob broke my heart - but in a "Rob played such an awesomely woobie Don!" way that is too, too much awesome. =D

  6. Numb3rs is one of those shows that does a great job of mixing the comedy with the drama. When we all could be depressed for Don for shooting his mentor, they give us one of the funniest dinner meetings ever! Colby is such a gentleman! And yes, I too was thinking about a certain fan base!

    I do have to say I agree with Nikki on one point: David is way to hot not to have a girl! He's just not looking in the right place!!

    And yes, I'm quite confused what direction they are headed with Larry. I'm still holding out that he's headed for DC to see a certain former agent.

    And Robin surely does need to make an appearance to comfort our dear Don.

  7. haha! I was definitely happy at the Colby/David date - totally missed that one coming.