Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Percolated Recap: Numb3rs: 7 Men Out (Eppesode 603)

NotASpyAnymore: At bar! Woohoo! Partner should be here! Ladies-a-plenty #Davidwon'ttwitter

Theoriginalspy: Hey look! The Grid is tipsy, again! Time for an intervention!
Pic via fauxtwitpic.

Tokendeaddude: I'm going to die. I'm going to be forced to kill myself. OMG, WTF have I done? #dead

Slumlady: @Tokendeaddude STFU, I've got a corpse in my tenement and you don't see me crying, do you?

Rookiecop: We've got another corpse over here. Maybe I'll get off the beat if I solve the case.

Tokendeaddude: I mean it! I'm going to shoot myself in the head before the title flash! #dead

DetectiveCates: @Rookiecop Inappropriate! We've had 3 bodies in four days, and all shot themselves in the head! I've got to tell the Fedcakes. #Fedcakes

NotASpyAnymore: At scene w my favourite date. Loser won't Twitter. #Davidwon'ttwitter

Theoriginalspy: David is getting the exposition for a change! 7 corpses per city (Miami, Houston, Denver). 3 so far in LA. Pic via fauxtwitpic. NotASpyAnymore: What is this Saw?

DetectiveCates: Someone was watching this corpse kill himself online. Ew.

TokenDeadDude: I'm being filmed while I shoot myself in the head! I warned you I would do it! #dead.

TitleFlash: I flashed, and no, that isn't dirty.

ISupportAll: I'm so very supportive, just not as well lit as usual in this scene at La Maison d'Eppes.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: I miss my fiancee.

KaliStoleYourMojo: @CurlyHaredBlackHole I miss you too! BTW, will send you some stuff to look at later! So excited!

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @KaliStoleYourMojo *gulp*

WhiteSpaceKnight: That lecture was not to my taste anymore.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @WhiteSpaceKnight The Royal Astronomical Society isn't your taste?

WhiteSpaceKnight: @CurlyHaredBlackHole I'm simplifying my tastes. Sticking with raspberries. Besides, the world is ending.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @WhiteSpaceKnight In 7.9 billion years. You could try blueberrys too.

PappaEppes: @WhiteSpaceKnight @CurlyHaredBlackHole I may be around then, thanks to my new pills, but my retirement fund won't last 7.9 months. #subplot

Theoriginalspy: @PappaEppes When did you get all meta? Pic via fauxtwitpic. PappaEppes: @Theoriginalspy I am wise. I am even wise enough to be meta. My wisdom, apparently, does not apply to financial planning. #subplot

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @PappaEppes, please tell me those pills aren't blue. If they are, I will need to throw myself, like a pumkin, off of a roof at Cal Sci.

IHOFedcakes: The IHOF is pleased to announce a congregation of Fedcakes. #Fedcakes

AlphaBitch4: Working with Rosencrantz, we learn nothing is tracable. Hell, even the victims don't establish a pattern. Will report this to @ChiefFedcake.

ChiefFedcake: @AlphaBitch4 Anything else?

AlphaBitch4: @ChiefFedcake Well, DS found out the victims were all financially screwed -- and that online classifieds aka hookers, might be involved.

ChiefFedcake: @AlphaBitch4 Why is DS not twittering this himself?

AlphaBitch4: @ChiefFedcake, DS doesn't twitter. #Davidwon'ttwitter.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @ChiefFedcake, Come to my office, #Dad.

ChiefFedcake: @CurlyHaredBlackHole WTF, I had money with the strip mall guy Dad invested with. Oh yeah, good luck helping our stubborn Dad. #Dad.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @ChiefFedcake, Grate, now I'm the breadwinner now?

ChiefFedcake:@CurlyHaredBlackHole Enough about all this awkward finance stuff. What about the case?

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @ChiefFedcake, Your case is like @WhiteSpaceKnight's zen garden. I'm raking things over.

WhiteSpaceKnight: Zen garden is Zen.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @WhiteSpaceKnight aren't you leaving?

WhiteSpaceKnight: @CurlyHaredBlackHole I'll leave when my soul is ready to leave. Got to de-clutter everything: mind, space, etc., first.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @WhiteSpaceKnight tell me later, have results. @NotASpyAnymore, found a place your three vics may have met -- a strip club!

NotASpyAnymore: @CurlyHaredBlackHole I'm so all over that! Who is with me? @AlphaBitch4?

AlphaBitch4: @NotASpyAnymore, why me? take you're partner.

NotASpyAnymore: @AlphaBitch4 I consider this his punishment because he doesn't tweet. #Davidwon'ttwitter

AlphaBitch4: @NotASpyAnymore, I'm calling him anyway. DS has to come along. This ain't Utah.

NotASpyAnymore: @AlphaBitch4 Like my partner would say, if he tweeted, that's Idaho!

AlphaBitch4: @NotASpyAnymore, isn't that the name of the dancer on the stage, Ida Ho?

NotASpyAnymore: I think the hot hostess just offered me something deep.

Theoriginalspy: Yeah, I think she did too. Pic via fauxtwitpic. AlphaBitch4: How weird is it that I'm the only woman in the VIP lounge at a strip club? Oh wait, illicit gambling. Got a bunch to take back back to the IHOF. #IHOF

NotASpyAnymore: Partner and I learned the dead guys all owed serious money to the strip club hostess. That wasn't what I first thought when she talked about deep.

ChiefFedcake: Dead gamblers don't pay up.

AlphaBitch4: Reason num482 not to have kids -- nanny-cam signals being crossed with live internet Russian Roulette games.

Tokendeaddude: Fedcakes can watch me die! #dead #Fedcakes

NotASpyAnymore: Gross

ChiefFedcake: What a waste.

AlphaBitch4: Ew.

WhiteSpaceKnight: Russian Roulette, allegedly, started as a way for Russian soldiers to work out who would get to eat the remaining scraps of food.

Theoriginalspy: @WhiteSpaceKnight, I can read Wikipedia too!

CurlyHaredBlackHole: It's all a big internet gambling fad, but only clever people, like me, and rogue nanny-cams, can access the site.

AlphaBitch4: RR players are teh stupid. We are not the Russian army.

WhiteSpaceKnight: But the psychology and the math is so interesting if we just look at --

AlphaBitch4: @WhiteSpaceKnight,I'm sticking with my theory that RR players are teh stupid. Plus, with four dead, there are three to go.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: At least we now have acsess because I hacked the site. We can keep track of things.

KaliStoleYourMojo: @CurlyHaredBlackHole And who taught you how to do that so effective. PS: CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @KaliStoleYourMojo I love you too! *eep*

NotASpyAnymore: @ChiefFedcake Taking my partner to go talk to the wife of the guy left alive in the video. He's been missing for a week.

ChiefFedcake: No, I'll go.

MyHubbyIsWhere: My husband lost his job. We lost our health insurance. May lose the house. We are the archetype for trouble in these tough times.

ChiefFedcake: Is sad for this woman, but don't want to appear too weak here.

MyHubbyIsWhere: Let me now tell you some endearing story about my hubby, to make him more real. Plus, he said he'd stop gambling.

ChiefFedcake: Oh, that woman is naive. I feel for her.

AlphaBitch4: Another corpse. The Dominator did not take his name seriously enough. Brain now dominates the floor.

WhiteSpaceKnight: Stuck watching more video of men shooting themselves in the head. And people wonder why I want to escape reality.

AlphaBitch4: @WhiteSpaceKnight, so is this gambling thing I hear about you true?

WhiteSpaceKnight: @AlphaBitch4, sadly so. The thrill and the depths were once a part of my daily existence. It's like that line in The Gambler.

AlphaBitch4: @WhiteSpaceKnight, *sings* Know when to hold 'em..."

WhiteSpaceKnight: @AlphaBitch4, Uh, no. The movie. "What is it all gamblers have in common? They're all looking to lose."

AlphaBitch4: @WhiteSpaceKnight, I can't sing that.

RookerFan: @AlphaBitch Hey, what's up? What am I missing stuck up in San Fran?

AlphaBitch4: @RookerFan People shooting themselves in the head.

RookerFan: @AlphaBitch Well then, I'll let you get back to that. Sorry to have missed it. Wait, no I'm not.

AlphaBitch4: @RookerFan You so owe me a drink, leaving me to converse with WhiteSpaceKnight.

: @AlphaBitch We'll go out drinking and dancing when I get back.

Theoriginalspy: With Tweets like that, they'll inspire FemSlash.

: @Theoriginalspy, Why not, the boys are doing it!

NotASpyAnymore: Get to interview Strip Club Hostess. Liked her better when I thought our relationship would be "deep."

Allmensvices: The cute Beefcake Fedcake doesn't find me so hot anymore. All I do is fill a need.

NotASpyAnymore: @Allmensvices, shut up. You're so going down for this unless you talk.

Allmensvices: @NotASpyAnymore Whatever, I sold the names of my biggest losers and they got a chance to get them out of debt.

NotASpyAnymore: @Allmensvices, Well, you've got to give me something.

Allmensvices: @NotASpyAnymore If it'll help my chances, I'll give you a face.

Theoriginalspy: Not like that.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: Uh-oh, Dad brought food. He can't afford food.

PappaEppes: If my son seriously thinks I'll take any money from him, he's dreaming in technicolour. #subplot

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @PappaEppes, Dad, you always suported me.

PappaEppes: My youngest son clearly forgot about how he had to surreptitiously buy his own house.

NotASpyAnymore: Second time in the nudie bar. BEST JOB EVER! Get to watch voyeur porn too!

Allmensvices: @NotASpyAnymore Why does the Fedcake Beefcake not seem to be enjoying this.

NotASpyAnymore: I cannot let the hostess know I'm loving all the hot girls' asses.

Theoriginalspy: Like I couldn't tell what Colby was thinking. Pic via fauxtwitpic. Allmensvices: @NotASpyAnymore I know why you love bad girls.

Theoriginalspy: Because it's always good for the plot, and he hasn't met the right good girl yet!

NotASpyAnymore: Dude, I have the worst luck with women. I'm glad finding the guy got us of this topic.

RealityKai: Hey, who filmed me getting a lapdance? Wait a minute. So... not... caring...

ChiefFedcake: @NotASpyAnymore We need to pedaconference. Bring your partner.

NotASpyAnymore: I wouldn't have to tell David things if he tweeted! #Davidwon'ttwitter

ChiefFedcake: @NotASpyAnymore Just tell me what you have!

NotASpyAnymore: @ChiefFedcake Our baddie is Kai Kragen. He used to make reality shows before someone wound up all Vic Morrow on one.

ChiefFedcake: @NotASpyAnymore Hey! I saw that clip on YouTube! So you're telling me this is all a money grab?

RealityKai: I love having pictures of me in my house! It's not my ego, just my good looks.

NotASpyAnymore: My partner would so say this guy is full of crap. #Davidwon'ttwitter

RealityKai: Like I'm going to tell these Fedcakes about my online Russian Roulette series. I deny everything.

NotASpyAnymore: This guy is a douche. No wonder he was so successful in reality TV.

RealityKai: "That's TV. One day you're up. The next day, you're covered in blood holding someone's head." You can quote me.

Theoriginalspy: NPALTM alert!

NotASpyAnymore: @RealityKai You're not subtle about the drug use there, buddy, if my partner can wipe it up like dust.

RealityKai: @NotASpyAnymore Shut up, gotta go produce infomercials now. Aiming for Magic Bullet level quality here.

Theoriginalspy: Geez, this guy thinks Russian Roulette on the web is like any reality show. Can we say psycho? Pic via fauxtwitpic.
RealityKai: In the future, I only know one word LAWYER! #lawyer

NotASpyAnymore: D just got a call -- next RR game has started.

ChiefFedcake:@CurlyHaredBlackHole Where is this game streaming from?

TheImmortal8: Not my turn to die, suckers!

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @ChiefFedcake Quit pressuring me. This is KaliStoleYourMojo's area!

WhiteSpaceKnight: I'm not looking! I'm not looking!

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @NotASpyAnymore & @AlphaBitch4 The game's at 1st & Main!

AlphaBitch4: Found it! Satellite dish is a dead give away.

TheZenMaster: Shit. My bullet. #dead

NotASpyAnymore: Crap, another dead guy. #dead

AlphaBitch4: Plenty of people to arrest, plus one dead player. #dead

TheImmortal8: Signed up to potentially die, not get arrested. I'm running for it.

Theoriginalspy: We've seen these tunnels, in "Running Man." I used it in a gag vid once. Pic via fautwitpic.
NotASpyAnymore: Crap! Lost TheImmortal8 because of the old "he shut the door" trick.

AlphaBitch4: Now is not the time for TheZenMaster is not very Zen joke, is it? #dead

IHOFedcakes: The IHOF is pleased to announce the interrogation by Fedcakes has started. #Fedcakes

TheSilencerGlen: I want to live up to my name. Not giving away anything to ChiefFedcake & the guy who won't Twitter.

ChiefFedcake: @TheSilencerGlen What are you, some sicko fan?

TheSilencerGlen: @ChiefFedcake, No Just trying to make up for being a fuck up. Crap, not being silent now.

ChiefFedcake: David's got a good tactic, bringing the guy's wife into the equation.

TheSilencerGlen: Do not want to talk to my wife. I'm doing this for her.

Theoriginalspy: Or because he can't man up to his mistakes in life. Blah, blah, blah, so noble to die, Willy Loman.

TheSilencerGlen: I haven't committed a crime.

Theoriginalspy: Isn't attempted suicide a crime? What about prior knowledge of deaths? Illegal gambling?

WhiteSpaceKnight: This is a whole new level of gambling obsession.

AlphaBitch4: @WhiteSpaceKnight More like a whole new kind of crazy.

NotASpyAnymore: All the game people are saying is lawyer. I think that topic is going to trend. #lawyer

MyHubbyIsWhere: @ChiefFedcake Hey! Why are you letting my hubby go? He'll die!

ChiefFedcake: @MyHubbyisWhere Your husband hasn't committed a crime. He's free to go.

MyHubbyIsWhere: Isn't attempted suicide a crime? What about prior knowledge of deaths? Illegal gambling?

Theoriginalspy: @MyHubbyIsWhere, you took the words out of my tweet.

MyHubbyIsWhere: @TheSilencerGlen HOW DARE YOU, YOU CHICKENSHIT!

ISupportAll: Now I am better lit. I need to be. Both ChiefFedcake & PappaEppes need support.

PappaEppes: Want beer. #beer

ChiefFedcake: Have beer. #beer

PappaEppes: @ChiefFedcake, talk to your Pappa.

ChiefFedcake: @PappaEppes, TheSilencerGlen has a home and a woman who loves him, yet wants to die.

Theoriginalspy: @ChiefFedcake Hey! You have a woman who love you! Where is she!

AwesomeAUSA: Yeah, good question, where am I?

Theoriginalspy: @AwesomeAUSA, please don't leave me Don! Pic via fautwitpic.

PappaEppes: @ChiefFedcake, People who don't want help, can't be helped.

ChiefFedcake: @PappaEppes, Like us? I learned after being stabbed in the chest that help is good.

PappaEppes: @ChiefFedcake, Yes, I know what you're talking about #subplot.

NotASpyAnymore: Stuck on a stake out. Must bug partner about not tweeting. #Davidwon'ttwitter

NotASpyAnymore: If he did tweet, he would've gotten my message at from the bar! #Davidwon'ttwitter

NotASpyAnymore: He wants me to call him. Hello? Drunk dialing? After last week? #Davidwon'ttwitter

NotASpyAnymore: Ack! TheSilencerGlen is getting away. Must chase! #Running

NotASpyAnymore: @ChiefFedcake TheSilencerGlen had a getaway plan. Mysterious car picked him up.

NotASpyAnymore: One advantage of Twitter. I could tweet that last thing, instead of getting the stare of doom in person. #Davidwon'ttwitter

CurlyHaredBlackHole: RR experiments at Cal Si. Cool! Hope my grad students don't fauxtwitpic this!

WhiteSpaceKnight: What do I care, I'm leaving.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @WhiteSpaceKnight yet u r still here.

WhiteSpaceKnight: @CurlyHaredBlackHole yes, but all this is distracting, want to find simplicity.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @WhiteSpaceKnight Go play some video games.

WhiteSpaceKnight: @CurlyHaredBlackHole My paving stones are not yet aligned.

Theoriginalspy: WTF? Pic via fautwitpic.

CalSciGradStudent: Hey guys, look at what I got to do today! Pic via fautwitpic.

IHOFedcakes: The IHOF is pleased to announce an important break in the case. #Fedcakes

CurlyHaredBlackHole: The whole thing is rigged.

Theoriginalspy: Gambling on teh internetz rigged? Colour me shocked.

WhiteSpaceKnight: We figured it out from studies with student volunteers playing Russian Roulette!

CurlyHaredBlackHole: No students were harmed in the making of these results.

ChiefFedcake: Watching my brother play with the rigged guns is making me nervous.

WhiteSpaceKnight: TheSilencerGlen knew that it was rigged!

ChiefFedcake: @WhiteSpaceKnight Except David just told me TheSilencerGlen just bet on TheImmortal8.

WhiteSpaceKnight: @ChiefFedcake why wouldn't DS just tweet me himself?

ChiefFedcake: @WhiteSpaceKnight DS doesn't tweet. #Davidwon'ttwitter.

NotASpyAnymore: @ChiefFedcake hey AlphaBitch4 and I need you to pedaconference.

AlphaBitch4: RealityKai is dirty. He's laundering money from the RR games through his infomercial company.

NotASpyAnymore: And on the RR game tapes? Shots from an infomercial on shinto knives. #fail.

ChiefFedcake: @NotASpyAnymore @AlphaBitch4 Go get RealityKai! Take David.

RealityKai: iz ded. #dead

NotASpyAnymore: More open door = corpse luck. #dead

AlphaBitch4: Someone's got some of the thingamajigs to rig the guns.

TheImmortal8: @NotASpyAnymore BANG!

NotASpyAnymore: @TheImmortal8, liked you better when the gun was pointed at your head!

IHOFedcakes: The IHOF is pleased to announce another break in the case, and a lack of a shout out. #Fedcakes #shoutout

AlphaBitch4: TheImmortal8 is a Canuck from canuckland who works in TV, like on RealityKai's shows.

ChiefFedcake: @AlphaBitch4 Anything else?

AlphaBitch4: TheImmortal8 was in on it since the beginning. Now he runs the game.

Theoriginalspy: What is this mention of a Canadian who is not me!? #noshoutout

AlphaBitch4: TheImmortal8 is making the last RR game an in person, invite only event. Got a web address.

ChiefFedcake: @CurlyHaredBlackHole Got a new web addie for you: www.fauxtinyurl/T0S.1012

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @ChiefFedcake. Thanx Bro. @work & want something else to look at than what KaliStoleYourMojo sent.

WhiteSpaceKnight: @CurlyHaredBlackHole You seem freaked out.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @WhiteSpaceKnight OMGWTF CAN'T THINK!

Theoriginalspy: I think I must record these for posterity. Pic via fautwitpic.
CurlyHaredBlackHole: @WhiteSpaceKnight We haven't even set a date yet, and you're coming, buddy!

WhiteSpaceKnight: @CurlyHaredBlackHole Err...

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @WhiteSpaceKnight You will be at my weding, or I will hunt you down. WTF is wrong with you!

WhiteSpaceKnight: @CurlyHaredBlackHole Clarity. Need clarity.

Theoriginalspy: @WhiteSpaceKnight May I make a suggestion? How about you visit KravMagaGrrl?

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @ChiefFedcake Found your creepy-ass final game!

Theoriginalspy: This can only make me think of one thing. Pic via fautwitpic.
TheImmortal8: So going to be stinking rich!

TheSilencerGlen: So going to die.

AlphaBitch4: Time for our triumphant arrival!

NotASpyAnymore: I think we have a problem. They have more guns than we do.

Theoriginalspy: I'm confused by what's going on. Pic via fautwitpic.
NotASpyAnymore: My partner's going to try and talk them all down. He's good at that.

AlphaBitch4: Hope DS has a better plan. My hair won't look so goo filled with bullets.

NotASpyAnymore: Hey, DS placed a bet on TheImmortal8 -- as long as that dude goes first.

: Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Rigged gun to go off on the third shot. If I go first, I'll also be third. Shit!

TheSilencerGlen: Please, I knew I would die. I want to die. I'm a loser.

NotASpyAnymore: @TheSilencerGlen, shut up, this is my partner's moment, so close to Be Kind to David Day!

TheImmortal8: Not going to die. I refuse to shoot

NotASpyAnymore: Ha ha. We win. As long as no one shoots us on the way out.

IHOFedcakes: The IHOF is pleased to announce the perp walk of TheImmortal8. #Fedcakes

AlphaBitch4: Hey, look at TheImmortal8. Not smiling now. Sucker.

Allmensvices: @NotASpyAnymore at the #IHOF. Mind if I proposition you?

AlphaBitch4: I think I'm going to vomit.

NotASpyAnymore: My partner can't talk. He picked up Claudia in the morgue. But he's all "she hasn't worked there in a year!"

Theoriginalspy: Claudia? They remember Claudia?! That's awesome! OMG! Wait, are TBTB trying to distract me from Robin?

NotASpyAnymore: Hee! I got my partner to mention Claudia by acting innocent. Not that he'd know because he doesn't tweet. #Davidwon'ttwitter.

TheSilencerGlen: I've lost everything.

ChiefFedcake: Not everything.

MyHubbyIsWhere: I still love you, you chickenshit so you'd better face me now.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: I stand here, in my home, contemplatting WhiteSpaceKnight's pic from when I passed my orals.

: That sounds dirty.

PappaEppes: Must justify my golfing to my son. Wait. I'll just talk about other things.

CurlyHaredBlackHole: I think my Dad wants to tell me something.

PappaEppes: @CurlyHaredBlackHole I need a job and I need you to help me with my computer skills. #subplot.

KaliStoleYourMojo: @PappaEppes. Are you sure that isn't something you'd like me to do for you, when you get back?

PappaEppes: @WhiteSpaceKnight, you missed our chess game!

CurlyHaredBlackHole: @PappaEppes Don't bother with WhiteSpaceKnight. He's having issues.

: Am contemplating video games.

Theoriginalspy: @WhiteSpaceKnight Play a video game. Standing in an arcade & staring makes you look creepy (to those who don't know you).

ComicBookFed: This is what you wanted me to do? Look at the topics! #Davidwon'ttwitter #dead #subplot. What was I missing?

NotASpyAnymore: @ComicBookFed At bar! Lotsa Ladies!

ComicBookFed: @NotASpyAnymore, Did you just drunk-tweet me?

NotASpyAnymore: @ComicBookFed Come on, I'll buy you a beer. #beer

ComicBookFed: @NotASpyAnymore, I'll be right there. #beer

NotASpyAnymore: @ComicBookFed Dude.


  1. Hilarious! I took made a comment about Amita being the bigger computer guru. Yet still this twitter recap was so good. And even David finally arrived. lol, it's addicting.

  2. okay wow.
    this was hard to read, my brain is not functioning at the moment obviously.
    well done though!

  3. hahahahahha!

    awesome!! Came out better than I thought!

  4. DAVID WILL TWITTER!!! Did he have to learn for Be Kind to David Day? Is there a surprise in store for him that only Twitter can convey?

    This was one of the funniest things I've read all week.

  5. That was just so awesomely funny! I love your handles for everyone (although Alan went from PapaBear to PapaEppes). And I love that you threw in spelling mistakes for Charlie *g*

  6. @DarkEly -- Thanks for you help with the handles, EOL!
    @Andi -- just because the show seems to have forgotten Charlie's ineptitude at spelling, doesn't mean I have to!

  7. This whole Colby liking whores things is getting on my nerves. First it was the hooker last season then he screwed some whore in the army and now he's tempted by strippers that commit illegal acts. I hope they're not setting up his character to have some downward spiral. I hate it when shows do that to a perfectly good character. Of course I'm also irritated by the way "bad girl" to use the term used in this eppesode simply means slut.

  8. wow..... that was really confusing. im sure it was funny but i couldnt understand any of it..... i really hope you dont do it like that again

  9. @Anon: Is it confusing because you don't Twitter or because you haven't seen the eppesode yet? I could see how either would make this daunting.

  10. Interesting new format, it was a bit hard to read because I don't do Twitter yet but by the end, I think I got the hang of it.
    I was also shocked that they mentioned Claudia. This wandering soul of Larry's is really depressing though, thank goodness for the great humor in David and Colby scenes.

  11. I had trouble following also since I don't Tweet, but I started catching on how it works. But, it was a great way to do it with the bantering.
    @anonymous-I also wonder where they are taking this bad girl thing with Colby. It kind of goes against David's comment of Colby's high standards and low social skills (and Colby not being able to get a date!) Sometimes they throw that stuff out there for nothing and sometimes they don't.
    LOVED Claudia being mentioned! Hmmmm, so where is Claudia now?
    And ya know, instead of showing Charlie the invitations, she should confer with you, making sure you get that pony and then on the big day, world peace!!!

  12. Genius! I don't tweet, but when they talked about it in the episode, i just knew you were going to have fun with that. I seriously thought at first, this was you and your friends tweeting! I almost didn't read it, but i kept the faith and you had me in stitches. The avatars, the handles, the banter. 100%

  13. WOW that must have taken absolutely AGES, but I LOVED it, especially when David arrives at the end and asking 'Did you just drunk tweet me' lmao.