Friday, October 16, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: Where Credit's Due (Eppesode 604)

Oh, dead guy in a box. Nothing will spoil the mood more.

Okay, strike that, Larry walking in might spoil the mood more.

Iceland, Greece, Austrailia, Italy -- I missed one. I should've recited them like Dory from Finding Nemo.

Description of the mummification, that might be even worse for the mood.

Bixcel Street? Is that movie called Bixcel Street? As in the Bixcel Street Boys from "Checkmate"

You know who else is in "Checkmate?" Take a wild guess. In fact, I'll give you a hint, I'm about to seriously whine if I don;t see said person soon. (No, I've not seriously whined yet.)

Charlie teaching Alan is going to end up the same way I think Charlie's hand is going to wind up with that nail.

Sullivan's Travels? Oh continuity, I love you. Do we all remember the last time that film was mentioned? Oh yeah, I mean it about the whining.

No, that's Bixel Street -- like that's going to throw me off.

Liz has an able-bodied hamster? I think we need name suggestions for Liz's hamster.

Washer/dryer and satellite is all this guy needs for heaven? Talk about your low standards.

The screenwriter's hair requires its own credit. It's a character all on its own.


Okay, Charlie is cock-blocked a second time by Larry.

Crap. Liz Warner, why are you so pretty? *seethes with envy*

Slowest motorcycle chase ever.

David, you really work that suit.

Like we didn't see the douchebag not being a cinematic genius.

Claiming it was dark on this show isn't an excuse! It's always dark on this show!

I guess Tyson didn't learn, they send the FBI to deal with copyright issues like this.

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel better.

The poor, neglected hamster, whatever his name is.

Only Alan could get a job like that.

Alan you cannot move out of La Maison d'Eppes.

Goodbye Larry music video complete with CGI stars.


  1. I hope your squeee!!!! means what I think it means. Still waiting for the eppesode to air in my time zone. I love spoilers!

  2. You instacapped this eppesode solely b/c Robin was mentioned didn't you ;)

  3. Alaska is the one you missed, I believe... :)

    For a moment when Liz asked Don to the movie, I was like, ah heck no! So I'm thrilled that he went home to Robin instead.

  4. Hee hee! First Claudia than Robin, eh? I love it.

    Another great eppesode! Whoo-ha! Yes, David sure can rock the suit.

  5. Though seriously though, Colby or David should have went out with Liz those. Poor thing. Yay for Don and Robin though. :-D

  6. Greenland instead of Iceland, and Alaska.

    I spent the whole time thinking about Bixel Street Boys and wondering when they'd make a comment about how it's named after the gang!

    Poor Charlie, can't get no nookie because there's too many people hanging out at his house... and his office, and his garage... =(

    Yay for Don going home to cuddle with Robin and watch the travel channel! Although I'm pouting that Don was never seen outside! Office, maison and Charlie's office, but no where outside where he's lit by lovely sunlight!

  7. to be honest, i think my favourite part was Larry looking at the "15 Acres For Sale" sign.
    He's staying right? not heading off to AlaskAustraliIceGreecItalia.
    [New country. Woot!]

    and i thought of you when Robin was mentioned :D
    i was so worried Colby was going to get more action. I gotta get my sniper ready...

  8. I was really iffy when I saw the preview, but luckily it was my favorite in ages.
    Also, am I the only one to think that if Larry gets an acreage, he may have room for a PONY?

  9. Ok, now I can hear again. But, I'm not sure later on when you're rewatching it again!

    Hmmm, gotta think on that hampster name. Need to keep with the theme.

    Loving Liz's look. Much softer and so pretty. I really like her now.

    So, was Colby reading the script and thinking he needed it a few years ago?

    I liked how they mixed and matched the partners. Very smooth.

    One thing, Colby goes to Charlie's to find Don and doesn't even call him to tell him about the weird one they pulled?

  10. Hey! Charlie's is proficient with a hammer. Remember that he built a set of bookshelves for the front hall in the first or second season.

    Hee--loved Larry in the end, finding his place.

    And a mention of Robin. Much happier now. But where is she???