Friday, November 6, 2009

Extra Froth: Mad Libs Letter to CBS

Want to protest what's being done to our beloved show but don't know what to say? Sure, we can fill in the feedback form at CBS, but, as I've heard from reliable sources and Rob Morrow's Facebook paper counts more.

I know we're a socially conscious fandom, but remember, paper, after it has served its purpose, can be recycled. If you feel guilty about sending a piece of paper and an envelope -- send a postcard. Specifically, send a postcard that shows your location. Let's show CBS that people everywhere love the Fedcakes and Cal Sci Crew!

Now, if you would rather send a letter, I've decided to come up with a bare-bones outline, and all you have to do is fill in the details. It's like Mad Libs, that game played in middle school, just with a Numb3rs-twist. You are more than welcome to use this format, if you please.

Dear Ms. Tassler,

I would like to express my __(FEELINGS ABOUT THE ORDER BEING REDUCED)__ in regards to the recent announcement about this season of Numb3rs being shortened. I strongly __(VERB INDICATING DISAGREEMENT)__ with this __(ADJECTIVE)__ decision.

I have been a fan of the show for _(# OF YEARS YOU'VE WATCHED)_ years. I have come to love __(ASPECT OF THE SHOW YOU LOVE)__, __(ANOTHER ASPECT OF THE SHOW YOU LOVE)__, and __(YET ANOTHER ASPECT OF THE SHOW YOU LOVE)__. I __(EMOTION)__ the character of _(FAVOURITE CHARACTER)_ because __(PG REASON YOU LOVE THE CHARACTER)__. The show is a must watch for me and I __(WATCH AND/OR PVR)__ every eppesode.

If Numb3rs' season is shortened, or, perhaps, cancelled altogether at the end of the season, I will be __(EMOTION)__ and will __(RATIONAL NON-THREATENING REACTION)__. Previously, you may have been unaware that Numb3rs had such a __(DESCRIPTOR OF THE FANDOM)__ and _(ANOTHER DESCRIPTOR OF THE FANDOM)__ like __(SHOW WITH A COMPARABLE FANDOM)_. I hope you register my __(NEGATIVE EMOTION)__ and reconsider the __(ADJECTIVE)__ decision.



Remember to address your letter to:Nina Tassler President, CBS Entertainment 4024 Radford Avenue, Room 3118, Studio City, CA 91604.

And, has been suggested by some fans, try sending them some cut out numbers. Let's confetti the place with numerals! Anyone who has ever received a card filled with confetti or sparkles, knows the amount of attention those cards get (from cleaning up afterward)!


  1. After you gave the address yesterday, I immediately sent a quite similar letter to Nina at CBS--and included that I am a registered nurse, to prove that I am not some teenager who is all weepy that her show is being treated thusly. I feel like CBS is just slowly trying to let Numb3rs fade away so that with fewer primetime ads and fewer episodes, no one will notice when it is gone.

    I'll send another letter soon! Gotta get stamps.


  2. This is very useful. I do hope that most fans realize that hard copy is the way to go. I'll be sending my letter early next week. I'm from Belgium and I'm going to make sure they know that. :) Also, I'm going to try to get my fanfic readers to do the exact same thing. I hope to reach a few more fans (who don't know yet) by doing so.
    We need to show them that we won't go down without a fight. The more fans we can convince to send a letter, the better.

  3. Thanks for the template. We must let Nina Tassler and CBS that we mean business. :) We love Numb3rs!

  4. l am so tempted to add loose glitter to my letter . . .

  5. Oh, thanks for the template! Sending off a letter today, maybe the India postmark will give them pause ;)

    @wraithness *high fives* Internation N3 fen, represent!

    -Tamanna (swingandswirl on LJ)

  6. I've also started an LJcomm for everyone to join and coordinate: