Friday, November 20, 2009

Instacap: Numb3rs: Con Job: (Eppesode 609)

Out of all eppesodes, "Jacked" needed the sequel?

Alan, you old dog.

Hey we've got Liz and Amita!

Okay, it's not exactly a jewellery store. Does Buckley ever get anything completely right?

Okay, Buckley deleted all the man's porn -- in prison? Bad, bad plan.

Charmita is way too excited about the man in the middle attack.

Buckley, Liz will kill you. In fact, after that handcuff crack, she should kill you.

Yeah, well, I want a shout out, world peace and a pony, Buckley. We all have to live with disappointment.

No fair! Buckley got his ice cream!

Okay, apparently Liz agrees with me that Buckley's full of shit.

Liz, punch Buckley, please.

Why does Buckley get a Buckley-vision?

Aya Sumika is so pretty. I might have to hate her more.

Charmita, never, ever, take Buckley's advice.

Oh, continuity and Alan's FBI file. I love you.

I'm starting to think that Fisher Stevens was given carte blanche to do whatever he wanted.

Okay, so the person I wanted to shoot Buckley didn't shoot Buckley, and someone else did. That wasn't exactly how I wanted it to happen.

Dude, even I saw that coming!

Bright light used on Numb3rs! OMG!

Smells like Buckley? I don't want to know what that is.

Yes, David watches pageants because of the world peace aspect. Yeah. Sure.

I wonder, how did Don know that it was you, Buckley? Geez.

Traditional cop and doughnut joke. Not overly original there.

You had a spy, well, not theoriginalspy!

Costa Rica and scorpions, I'm sure that's on their travel brochures.

There has to be some twist coming up here.

Oh, Buckley, you are funny.

Buckley's in Liechtenstein? Hee! That's a fun word to say

Goodnight Sam. Goodnight Ralph.


  1. l love that it ended up Don was right. l love that that's a weird form of Numb3rs continuity - when Don has a feeling, LlSTEN TO lT. Hee. lt's kind of awesome that without Megan (l still mourn, by the way) the team doesn't need a profiler - they have Don. That's just such a true part of the character, and just . . . such a nice touch. Even in this eppesode having the delightful little millisecond of continuity of him watching the tapes from Buckley hijacking the bus - if Don's watching tapes, something's up.
    lt's just such a neat bit to have. Not a trained psychological thing, like Megan or Terry, not a magic thing like some shows do (l'm looking at you, NClS and "Gibb's gut"), but just Don having intuition. You get the feeling that if he hadn't decided to be a fugitive hunter, he could have been a heck of a profiler.
    Oh David, Don was right about Buck, he's right about Buckley. lt's okay. You can still be his protege.
    Oh Charlie, just last week you were telling Don his weeding out of possible jail accomplices was amazing. And this week you tell him he's wrong about Buckley because the Math disagrees. Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie. (Hee.)

    And oh the snort-giggles this eppesode inspired! David n' beauty pageants. Amita, later, recognising the girl as Ms. Whateveritwas. They have to get together and watch Ms. America, now.

  2. I truly believe the lighting budget is going into all these awesome guest stars. So far these characters have BLOWN MY MIND and I can't help but love them a bit. Mr.Appear-Out-Of-Nowhere was hilarious, the Hacker guy [WHICH I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART AND IF NIKKI DOESNT GO FOR HIM I WILL] wasa so cute and funny. And now Buckley returning? We see a whole new side of him [other than kidnapper] and that he's actually intelligent and funny. I mean, MIT seriously? Haha and Costa Rica bit was cute.
    I'm sorry but these guest stars are worth their weight in gold [and in Ian's position worth his weight in awesomeness].
    Maybe theyre cutting the eppesodes because they cant find anymore amazing guest stars to star. :(

  3. I think the reason "Jacked" is the ep that got a sequel is because they could get the actor to come back. :) (I did like the episode, though--hooray for Don and his awesome intuition. And his *headdesky* smile there at the end, and the skiing picture. I lol'd.)

  4. I want to play that "Ja Militaire" game. I know it's spelled wrong. Any help?